Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Study, Toni & Guy and other crazy things

Hi Everybody!

Long time, no speak! Or blog for that matter. This is actually due to my final exams which are coming up next week so I am currently in the midst of the pre-study stress mode so I haven't really been Tweeting, Blogging, or Facebooking recently.

I honestly feel like the busiest person. I have so much on during my week which makes it almost impossible, if not, very difficult, to find a moment to just get on the laptop and post something. When I do get the time to study, I do about a full two and a half hour's study, and then I just lose it and get interested in the weirdest things and just procrastinate the study further until it's the night before. Surely I can't be the only one who does this.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you something very exciting that happened last night. If you read my blog, which I hope you do!, you may know that I set out an application for Toni & Guy hairdressing a few weeks ago to becoming an assistant hairdresser as I have no real professional skills in dressing the hair whatsoever. 

I got called in for the interview as they were interested in my resume and I told them about my Duke of Ed and some other little things I've been participating in and they asked me to come on Wednesday eve for a trial night. 

So, I went, did some cleaning, coffee and tea making, washing hair, blowdrying and such and BINGO! I got the job! Hurray! Hurray! I am officially employed and it's quite a good feel (though quite sad as I don't really have a life) to add Toni & Guy to one;s "work" section in the "about me" of one's Facebook.

It is quite the nifty little place full of very snazzy people with crazy coloured hair. It's really good because one of the ladies whom was teaching me the basics of running Toni & Guy was telling me that with this job offer, I can go to the events which include Sydney Fashion Week and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as well which is super duper exciting!

I fondly apologise for the very short post as I really must be getting back to the nemesis of my Geography textbook so tally-ho and I'll see you in next week's blog!

P.s. wish me luck for exams!


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