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September Monthly Favourites - Miscellaneous Part Three

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You would not believe what happened last night. I was up really quite late writing Part Three of my monthly favourites and I was quite happy with how it was going, it was very casual and I was watching some crappy tv shows whilst doing it. I had finished the post and I was beginning to hyperlink everything, really pleased that I'd finished and could go to bed...when all of a laptop shuts down from power and the stupid post did not save! I was so annoyed, and fuming and last night, I just went to bed, not being bothered about rewriting it again so here I am writing it up now for you.

Most of you reading this will have seen that I'm doing my Monthly Favourites tag in three different posts consisting of cosmetics favourites, fashion favourites and miscellaneous favourites. This is only because if I did one huge post, it would take up two entire pages on the actual blog and it would probably be really boring and tedious to read, so I'm splitting it up! I'm going to put a link at the bottom of this post that will send you to Parts One & Two as well as some other links that I may have put into the blog.

Hair Care: My favourite hair care product of this month would have to be Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist (bit of a mouthful, eh?). I've been using this product a lot because I find its really beneficial for your hair when blow-drying or using heat to style it such as curling or straightening. I basically just spray it all over my hair before I blow-dry and then again before I either straighten it or curl it. It really does protect your hair from UV rays and its not like some of those products that leave your hair really oily  and gross. It also prevents dryness and it works to rehydrate your hair, leaving it shiny but not oily which is definitely a plus. It also adds a bit of volume, I'm not sure that this is the real purpose of the spray but I've definitely found that it adds a bit of volume to your hair so that it's not completely flat. I think you can get it from a chemist like Priceline or Boots or something.

I'm actually not sure where I got mine from but I do get my hair done at Toni & Guy so I probably bought it from there but it's not too expensive and it's definitely profitable and beneficial. I would highly recommend this product.

Moroccan Oil: I use Moroccan Oil a lot and have been using it for a while as I used to have very, very long hair and it needed the treatment, and even after I cut it, I still use it. Moroccan Oil is a legend. I'm sure most beauty bloggers would agree with me when I say that it repairs, strengthens and nourishes your hair. It smells wonderful and the bottle is filled with vitamins and naturalism that makes your hair just beam with sunshine. I love this stuff because it eliminates knots and tangles in my hair and it makes it very smooth and manageable, as well as making it shiny and looking very healthy indeed. It absorbs very quickly and it also works very well as a heat protector if you straighten, curl and/or blow-dry your hair. I would highly, highly, highly recommend it. I cannot stress how amazing this product is. It is oil, but don't get sceptical about this as it doesn't leave your hair oily (unless you use a really large amount...which I wouldn't recommend) I had a product of the year, Moroccan Oil is definitely top of the list. I use Moroccan Oil Treatment in 100ml. That's just a link to the website but I'm sure if you go into a chemist or a certified hair salon, they'd have it there.

The price for the 100ml one is quite expensive as seen on several websites I've been on to check it out. It can cost up to just a few cents under AUD$50 which is quite expensive, but having said that, it is a treatment and it is a very good quality one at that, and it also lasts quite a while. Another small negative of this is that it comes in a glass bottle, which, as silly as this sounds, can actually break so just be careful, I know it sounds stupid, but it would not be pleasant if you dropped it, glass went everywhere and you cut yourself so please be careful and shop for the best price.

Body Butter: As many people know, I am OBSESSED with The Body Shop. I absolutely adore it because it's healthy, it's very natural and organic, it smells wonderful and its also against animal testing, which for me, is definitely a big tick because I love animals of all types. So, I change Body Butters when they run out and before I got the one I'm using now, I've been using a Cherry Blossom Body Butter but this month, I've decided to do something a bit different. I've been using (and loving) the Strawberry Body Butter and I've found its absolutely wonderful. It's creamy, it's moisturising, it's hydrating and it leaves your skin feeling wonderful, not to mention smelling like heaven. Like all body butters, it aims to prevent dryness and enhance hydration and leaves your skin feeling very smooth. I'd recommend using this once a day just after you shower or have a bath. I love this body butter.

I got mine from The Body Shop (like the actual boutique at a mall) but you can also purchase it online from the website and now (with all the worlds new technology gizmos), you can purchase this product over the phone, would you believe? I have the 200ml one and it is a bit expensive at AUD$27 something but I would definitely say it's worth it. You can also buy the 50ml one which is only AUD$10.

Cleanser: My cleanser of the month is another product from The Body Shop and it is  the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser (another looong name). I've been using this particular cleanser for a few months now (not the same one :P different bottles) and I have to say, it's worked wonders to my skin. It's suitable for all skin types and it aims to remove blemishes and impurities off the skin to leave it smooth and clean. Like the Body Butter above, it's very organic and natural so you don't have to worry about chemicals and such on your skin. It's very gentle and doesn't irritate the skin either, and it also works as a make-up remover so it's kind of two in one though I use a separate make-up remover. I use this product once a day in the shower to really just clean out pores and remove dirt and such from them.  For me, the only criticism I have is the smell. I like tea tree but for me it can be quite overpowering and strong and it somewhat makes me sneeze. I'm not allergic to it, it's just the smell that gets to me.

It also pumps out as a foam which I find really useful as its ready to go. Like above, you can buy it from The Body Shop boutiques in a mall or you can also purchase it online or over the telephone for AUD$22.

Moisturiser: I've been using Natio Ageless for a while now and I have to admit to finding this to be one of the best moisturisers I've used. It moisturises and hydrates your skin if used once a day. It also works as a very reliable sun cream, believe it or not, as it contains SPF 30+ which is definitely a positive considering that I live in a country where the sun seems to shine every day and the coast is surrounded by beachy waters. For me, it lasts up to about five-six hours, and it can wash off in the water. I also use this product as a primer for a natural layer underneath make-up as it is lightweight and it isn't oily or greasy. Like most of the products that I seem to buy, it smells wonderful with rose-hip oil, lavender and hints of lemongrass so it's very fresh and very organic like moist of Natio's products and it is suitable for all skin types, including very dry or very oily.

I bought this from a Natio stall in Myer but I'm sure you can just get it from a chemist as well as it's not too high-end but it's not a little crappy sun cream brand. It's very affordable for it's value, and I will definitely be using this again and recommending it to friends.

Dot: One of my firsts posts on this blog was about Marc Jacob's new perfume, Dot. I don't think there has been a day over the month that I've had this in my possession where I haven't worn it out. It is a gorgeously smelling perfume and for those, like me, who are going into warmer Spring-Summer weather, I would recommend trying this out. I'm only going to do a quick summary of this perfume because I've already written a full review a few posts back of which I'll link below.

The perfume is very floral and fresh, full of berries and has a few vanilla tones in it which I love. I just find it the perfect scent for Spring, disregarding the completely adorable ladybird bottle. I don't know where I've read it, but the use of the polka dots symbolises Marc Jacob's love for dots, apparently. Maybe that's why he called it Dot. I got this bottle from Boston so it was before it came out in Australia and I have to admit I've been anticipating this bottle of perfume ever since Fleur posted on her blog about the sample she'd received.

Lucky Lanterns: If you read my blog, you'd also know that I recently bought some flower shaped lanterns from Typo (which is a brand off Cotton On). Even though my friend believes so, this was not an impulse buy. I didn't just go into the shop with my 20 in hand ready to spend, I did the moral thing and looked it up on the internet during class that day to see if I liked it (:D) After seeing some other bloggers with their lights, I felt very out of it so I decided to go and work for some money and buy some pretty lights.

Like the perfume, I'm just going to do a bit of a synopsis of the lights and I'll link the full post below. The lights are very cute as they are shaped like little flowers. I really like them because they are very elegant and sweet, providing an atmosphere of elegance in my bedroom which I really like. If I had to change something about it, like stated in the review, I would change the little green plastic thing that holds the flower's fabric petals together and the little light in place. They were't actually that expensive, AUD$20 which I thought was quite good, but now I see that they are having a sale on the lights so it probably would've been wiser to wait three weeks for the sale, but my impatient self got the better of me.

Anyway, thank you so much for listening to my ramble of my September Monthly Favourites. I don't know when I'll post next so stay tuned for more and I'll see you soon!



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