Friday, 20 December 2013

♡ FITSPIRATION: The Band-Wagon Story ♡

Uh oh... Guess what happened. 

I fell off the exercise bandwagon. Yup. It's bad.

Today I plucked up the courage to go out and go for a run around the beach with my friend at about noon, and maybe only fifteen minutes into the run was I spluttering and panting and going crazy and that's when it hit me that I hadn't done any consistent exercise for a good two...(maybe two and a half) months (I told you it was bad), and only the odd set of push ups every other night as an alibi. 

Pleease don't judge me, we've all been there!

As of today, I'm going to re-boot my system, detox of all the feeling sorry and guilty about myself, and start over. 

Maybe the reason why I fell off the band wagon was merely because I had fallen into the habit of doing precisely what I'm about to show you...

It's a universal truth that making up an excuse is always sososososo much easier than actually doing something, and I hands-down guarantee that I've done this before. Procrastinating is one of my talents.

However, like most problems in life, there are always hidden solutions, and exercise is just one of those. 
- Don't have time? Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier. Hard? Hell yes. Worth it? Hell yes.
- Don't have a gym? Unless you live in a plane or under the sea, I'm sure that outside of that front door, there is an explorable mass of land of which you can run for kilometers. If there's not, then where do you live?
- Don't know how to start? You don't know until you try, AND you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Throw out all the junk food, smaller plates means smaller portion sizes, easy youtube tutorials and workshops and books. 

It's natural. Really. I promise. But does it get us anywhere.......hardly....

Dust off your crown, Princess, sh!t happens and we just need to get over it! Refresh with the sun coming up tomorrow. Promise yourself. Make sticky notes of encouragement as stick them somewhere you can see them and start off slow...which leads to my next point...

Need motivation?

- Check out Lorna Jane's Move Nourish Believe blog. It's fabulous. 
- I've been reading Lauren Conrad's blog and it covers pretty much every aspect of girly life, including a specific segment directly related to fitness. It's also fabulous

     ♡ THE "I'm going to wake up tomorrow at five and do a spin-class" MOTTO
I think it's fair to say we've all made this mistake.

Pretty much the number one rule of exercise and fitness to start off slow and then build up to it. Rome wasn't built in a day, honey, and believe me, you won't be doing yourself any favours by going all out on the first day.

If anything, there's maybe an 80% chance that this won't play the way you want it to, and only puts your body and mind under stress.

Not only does this lead to physical problems such as shin splints (you know that nasty ligament pain on the outer side of your calf that you can't stretch), Achilles rips (just above the back of your heel) and other bodily pains such as knees, respiratory and back, but over-exercising also leads to negative psychological consequences such as "that was awful, I'm never doing that again" which will only discourage you further.

♡ ♡                                          

Saturday, 14 December 2013

♡ The Perfect Manicure DIY ♡

It's no secret that a good manicure can make or break an outfit. 

While indulging in a professional manicure is always the best way to spend a Friday afternoon, being a full time student, I don't have a lot of time on my hands, nor a readily available abundance of money to splash out on perfect nails, however, giving yourself a professional standard DIY manicure can also be a difficult and messy practise without the proper techniques.

By observing what my technician was doing in the salon today, I was able to pick up these tips and tricks and hopefully achieve the perfect DIY manicure:

STEP ONE: Always start off with clean nails. Enough said. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap gets rid of any grubbiness and yuck that may be lurking on the surface or nail beds. 

STEP TWO: Remove dead polish. While it may seem like the "easy way out", painting over already half-chipped nails is a big no-no. It ruins the nail surface, not to mention that it looks really cheap and careless. For shellac, you must use pure acetone on a little cotton ball and then wrap the finger in aluminium foil for ten minutes. After that, you can use an orange stick to scrub off any excess. 

STEP THREE: Clip. Please. Talons are for eagles - not humans. 
File the nail down so that it is smooth. I always attempt to file my nails in an oblong or "squoval" shape. The "squoval" shape is strong enough to stop any chips from occurring in contrast to an oval or square which are prone to this.
Buff the surface of the nail which an orange stick. This is important as it gets rid of any tiny bumps on the surface of the nail.

STEP FOUR: I then pamper my hands with a moisturising lotion. Right now, I'm using Soap and Glory's Hand Food.  I highly recommend this. Not only does it moisturise to the max, it smells divine, dries quickly, and unlike a lot of moisturisers, it doesn't leave my hands all greasy for the rest of the day. Bonus :)

STEP FIVE: Go ahead and apply a clear base coat. This establishes a smooth surface for the colour to go on.

STEP SIX: Depending on the pigmentation of the polish, apply two coats - maybe three if it's semiopaque

STEP SEVEN: My secret tip...or maybe not so secret ...get a Q-tip or swissper or whatever they call them, dip it in some nailpolish remover and just lightly wipe away any imperfections such as polish on fingers or whatever. You're welcome :)


For my DIY manicure, I used Sinful Colours in the shade Snow Me White - a product I received in my November Bellabox. I'd never used a Sinful Colors polish before as I haven't seen them in the shops in Australia yet. 

♡ 100% pigmentation with two coats
♡ Quick dry
♡ Smooth to apply
♡ Long lasting

The only negative was that the first coat was slightly streaky but with a second coat, that was all fine. 


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

❀ ♡ Hello Aussie Summer ♡ ❀

❀ Time to detox from the winter ❀
and start
❀ again ❀

Mood: Smiley and bubbly
Colour: Pastel pink and cream
Scent: Victoria's Secret "Such a Flirt" body mist, Marc Jacob's "Honey" perfume
Music: Sensitivity by Alex Goot 

Colour of fingernails: Can't find my Czechbook by OPI 
Motto: Don't take life too one gets out alive anyway 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

♡ REVIEW: Victoria's Secret Fantasies Body Mist ♡

Now that Spring time down south is officially making it's peak, it is officially floral season once again and time to make the most out of the season to be floral.

I find body mists a perfect way to spritz up an outfit as they're light, easy to wear and leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous whether it be a busy Monday morning, mid-day after lunch, or before going out at night. 

What I'm Reviewing:

♡ Strawberries & Champagne: wild strawberries and bubbly :P
♡ Sheer Love: white cotton and pink lily 
♡ Pure Seduction: red plum and sweet freesia 
♡ Such a Flirt: starfruit and white orchard 
♡ Hello Darling: white nectarine and peony 
♡ Love Spell: cherry blossom and peach 
♡ Amber Romance: amber and creme anglaise 

♡ Pure Seduction: 
Scent: Red Plum and Sweet Freesia
Rating: 9/10
Pros: Smells like heaven and once you're hooked, you can never go back :O
Cons: Slightly overpowering

This is definitely my favourite of the whole collection so far. You can kind of see above that Pure Seduction is definitely the one I've used up the most. I got the dual pack with the body lotion so unlike the others, this body mist bottle is only 125mL in comparison to the others of which are 250mL, meaning that it's small enough to tuck into my bag just for a refreshing spritz throughout the course of the day.

♡ Such a Flirt: 
Scent: Starfruit and White Orchard
Rating: 8/10
Pros: Pretty, flirtatious but not seductive, cute
Cons: Can be a little shy in the sense that it wears off after only a couple of hours so you need to keep applying

Scent-wise, this is my second favourite underneath the one above. The scent is super Spring and perfect to spruce up a beautiful Sunday morning. Literally, think stepping outside when the sun is shining, wearing a summer dress and feeling magnificent with birds tweeting and you're favourite song playing in the background. This is the scent that goes with that scenario.

♡ Hello Darling
Scent: White Nectarine and Peony 
Rating: 8/10
Pro: Makes Monday mornings, or any morning earlier than about 8am just that much easier
Cons: It ran out too fast :(

Okay. It's a Monday morning, it's raining and you have a tonne of work to do and even though you've only been awake for twenty-five minutes, you just feel like nothing's going the right way. HOLD UP, SISTER, a spritz of this and it turns the whole morning into a fairytale. It's liquid motivation to have a wonderful day. The nectarine fills in the capacity for the day's little luxury so you can go into work with a smile, smelling fresh and beautiful. I find this scent best suits in summer. Did you know that the peony is a traditional Chinese symbol meaning "King of the Flowers"? There you go, now you do :D

♡ Love Spell: 
Scent: Cherry Blossom and Peach 
Rating: 7/10
Pro: a bit more sultry and sexier than the former - perfect for going out at night
Con: I only got the body lotion so it's a bit hard to distinguish the fully developed scent of this one.

Like the other VS body lotions, this one leaves my skin ultra moisturised which is perfect for winter as I find that my hands especially dry out with the cooler weather. I tend to apply this just after a shower in the morning and it pretty much lasts the whole day for me. 

♡ Strawberries & Champagne: 
Scent: Strawberries and Champagne
Rating: 6.5/10
Pros: Classy, pizzazz, very unlike the rest of the mists
Cons: The scent can become a bit overpowering if not applied with modesty. 

This is my second oldest; what I really like about this one is that it's perfect for going out on a Friday, but it's not necessarily trashy per se, however, a lot of popular perfumes (especially all the celebrity perfumes i.e. Britney Spears) have a prominent sickly scent and while it's quite "in" and the scent that most of my friends go to, I don't really like it. Unfortunately, this one has a tinge of that scent, though if you apply it properly and don't go crazy (a mistake I've obviously made), it's great for a fun night out.

♡ Sheer Love:
Scent:  White Cotton and Pink Lily 
Rating: 7/10
Pros: Together with Flirt, this one sum up Spring in one scent.
Cons: Not very strong at all, I guess they call it Sheer Love for a reason :P

My lovely friend bought this for me for my sixteenth. I find that this one is very delicate, modest and cute, though really lovely. I kind of envisage myself wearing this with my mother's pearls, if you know what I mean. It's a bit more sophisticated than the rest and more of a Sunday white's lunch than anything.

♡ Amber Romance: 
Scent: Amber and Creme Anglaise 
Rating: 8/10
Pros: For me, this smells like cold winter nights with a cup of hot chocolate watching Downton Abbey
Cons: Strong scent, but still beautiful

This one's the cold winter night sitting at home watching TV or reading a book, or maybe I just turned it into that? I tend to wear this to bed as it has a really lovely vanilla and homely and calming scent on. If I could describe it in any other way, I'd say that unlike the others, it's a bit more eau de parfum instead of toilette as it's a bit more passionate (?) I don't know. 

As a wrap up, if you haven't owned any of the Fantasies Body Mists from VS just yet, I'd definitely urge you to go out and give it a try as they're cheap, and beautiful and the perfect way to spruce up any outfit. There are so so many different scents and I'm sure they all appeal to different people depending on what they like, so I'm sure there's something for everyone.

♡ ♡ 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Where Am I? Life Update

Can you believe that the last time I posted on this little blog was July? Like, what? To answer some questions, no I have not died, nor gone to heaven (touch wood) but I've just been so extraordinarily busy with my (Australian GCSE equivalent) and pre-study and family and relationships and I literally just kept forgetting to post on my blog.

Breaking it down so I don't babble on for too long:

- I've turned sixteen!! YAY! But I barely feel any older or wiser or maturer...

- I broke up with a guy. Not sure how to feel about this yet, but everything happens for a reason.

- I blew my phone and parent's internet bill a few times ;P

- I've been busy as a beaver studying for my exams

- My vocal coach is trying to find me a busking license and a gig to perform at so I've been going crazy over that!

So there you have it. A wrap up and life update. Even though I've not been blogging and I suppose it's only acceptable to say that I'm kind of out  of the swing of blogging and posting and whatnot, I prommmmise that over the months I've conjured some fabulous new ideas for blogging (that of which including pre-blogging and posting when I need to, as well as having a specific schedule so I don't forget :P) and that I'm back and I'm here to stay.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Bellabox Review

Hello gorgeous friends!

Before July creeps onto us too quickly, I thought I'd ought to do my June Bellabox before my July one arrives! This month, I was extra lucky to receive quite a bit of stuff which is super cos it means a fun review!

As seen from the gorgeous little juxtaposition above, the box last month was indeed a combo box regarding box "girls night in and girls night out" which personally, I think is a fabulous idea!

The Kiss Nail Dress nail accessories are so cute. I'm not sure if everybody got different nail stickers, or the same or whatever, but I'm so glad I got these glitzy nail stickers. You probably won't know this but its my birthday on the 21st, meaning that I'm going to have a glitzy 16th party, and naturally, these nail stickers completely fit the "dress code" - thus I haven't actually used them yet so I can't provide a complete review on it, but when I do I'll let you know.

They're for both finger and toe nails, and supposedly last up to 10 days which, if this is true, proves very durable. I've used nail stickers before so I'll definitely be interested in comparing the two of them :)

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this face-mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Firstly, I was curious to try this on as I'd never heard of the brand before, nor seen it in Australian stores, however, I was looking forward to trying on the face-mask as it looks natural and organic (see the next picture for the deal) which is right up my alley, but when I applied it, I noticed a strange red tinge spreading across my cheeks. 

My face rashed from this for some reason. It stung and I'm not sure why. I know I have very sensitive skin, though not oily nor dry, so I think for now, I'll stick with the fresh ingredient face-masks that I make at home or buy at Lush.

I got a whole pamper packet of these little samples from Brazilian Butterfly:

- tea-tree body lotion
- aloe and witch hazel body lotion
- gentle exfoliating body scrub
- BB soothe ingrown hair treatment
- aloe and witch hazel body wash

The ones I probably liked the most were the aloe and witch hazel wash and body lotion. The one I was least inclined to use was the tea-tree body lotion as it reminded me of the lice-treatment smell that the one kid in your grade 5 primary school class reeks of! Maybe that's just me? No? Okay. haha

Regardless of having said that, each of the products did their jobs well; the hand creams leaving my skin soft as heaven and the exfoliators/scrubs getting rid of impurities but not damaging the skin.

It was almost funny getting this packet as I used to work at Toni and Guy, and using this product on people all the time! While it states its purpose for an "androgynous hold", my personal style doesn't necessarily use texturising hair glue (as I tend to go for a more...natural, feminine look...but hey, whatever floats your boat, right?), but I actually gave this to my brother to try out and he came back with the results for me - who knew siblings could co-operate in such a polite manner? 

His deliberations included:
- firm
- not gluggy 
- smells like a hair salon (thanks Charlie.)
- durable

I received the baby pink (209) lipgloss from Streetstar. 

I love the colour. I love the smell. I love the sparkles. It's perfect for adding a little bit of shimmer to a night out, but not overkill. Plus, I don't really have just a pale pink sparkly lip gloss so this did just the ticket.

I was a bit concerned about this product because apparently, some of the customers to this Bellabox received this lipgloss, though it was out of date, and just coincidentally (and rather stupidly), I threw out the packet before finding this out, so I don't really know if it's out of date, however, it smells, looks and applies as though it's fine, so I'd say it is fine.

Love Bioderma...enough said. 

Haha, just kidding. I found this product smooth and silky. The part that got me was the Paraben free, fragrance free part for sensitive skin, as I do have sensitive skin, thus it worked wonders as it was gentle and ...forgiving...?

The only downside was the packet was only 8mls in product so I didn't really get much to try it with in total. I don't know if i'd purchase it yet, though I'll give the other one a try and see what I think.

Perfect. I'm almost tempted to put this underneath the sparkly nail accessories above as I think the gold and red would go nicely as a statement for my 16th. What do you think? I've kind of gone off the colour red, though this had me hooked.

It's almost a fluorescent red which is different from the passionate (whaaat?) and deeper reds I'd go for, so when I applied it, I found it added some pizzazz into my life! I've used many Natio products before, though never a nail polish so I was interested to see what it was like. The only thing was that it was a bit watery, but other than that it was smooth, pigmented, and just generally a nice colour.

Like one of the products above, I've never actually heard of this product brand before, so when I tried it on, I was curious to see what it was like.

I really liked it. I found it perfect underneath make-up, as well as perfect on its own to give one a bit of a dewy and glowing look, which I really liked about it. It wasn't thick, nor heavy. It didn't have any SPF (of which I could see), which would have been a downside for me as I tend to burn quickly in the sun, however, the product was generally really nice. 

So that's it! Sorry if it sounded a bit negative today, for some reason, I'm just not motivated at the moment. I've been in Melbourne again for the week so I'm still in the "holiday" zone.

Have a nice week everybody!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

EASY STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO: Add me to your Bloglovin'

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So Google Friend Connect is kind of closing down which is a bummer, but the good news is that I've finally found the motivation to update my Bloglovin page after a few months of just have some basics and such...


Hello friends!

To make sure we can keep in close contact, there are a few small, yet vital steps that you need to take in order to get regular updates on my blog...

To start this procedure, you must click this link HERE

And it should take you to a page that looks like this:

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You must then move your mouse across the page until you see this button:
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You then have the majestical choice to do one of the following:

             a) Close the window with the assurance that whenever I update my blog, you will receive a little notification, as well as a follow-back from me!


             b) Add me to your favourites by simply clicking the "Add to a group" and choosing one of the following:

Thank you for following my blog on Bloglovin'....I promise I will follow back. So sad about GFC...Alternatively, you can just click the button on the North-Right side of my blog...The flashing Eiffel Tower!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013



Well hello lovely friends!

At the start of this year, it is accustomed in my family to always make a list of new year's resolutions, of things to sort of aim to achieve within the year. As usual, I started my list off (And if you want to see the post, click here) with the usual "be kinder, be gracious, be elegant..." all that kind of stuff, and by the end of the list. "loose a tad of weight"

After all, what is a new year's resolution without it, eh?

But seriously, they are new year's resolutions. Who actually follows through with them? You say.

This year, probably one of my main resolutions was to follow through with my resolutions.

I've never been particularly other words, you know that kid that always manages to somehow get a ball to the head, or fall over when they're just standing still...well, that was me. And it still is.

So, I've decided to take matters into my own hands by aiming to go to the gym at least three times a week, and for about four months (at the start of the year), this went so well. I felt so much more confident with the way I looked, and I felt like a better person.

Doing this was possibly the best thing I'd ever begun to do, so today, I'm going to kind of make a post explaining how I achieved this.

***I am by no means a nutritionist, personal trainer or expert in any field of fitness, I am merely a teenager who is aiming to get healthy. :) ***

STEP NUMBER ONE: Cut the emotional dreaming crap.
I was used to spending nights sitting up in my bed until two a.m. literally whining about my body, my fitness, all that kind of stuff. I would complain and be depressing and everyone else would be all "Shut up, Lucy". And by the time the new year rolled so slowly around when it kind of hit me that I was never, ever going to tone up or lose weight if all I did was sit in bed complaining. And my Mum then came in an gave me a huge lecture about it.

It's good to dream, but you're never going to get somewhere unless you take action into your own hands.

And with that, I literally decided that I would turn my life around (HALLELUJAH). It is a bit of a crude wake-up call, but in all seriousness, it is quite true.

STEP NUMBER TWO: Cut the calorie crap.


I'm not a diet analyst or anything of the sort, but of course if one were to be eating high calorie, fat, carb foods, then naturally, one would put on some.

One needs to have a good ratio between eating healthily and exercising, and my mum told me (and this is the part where I'm not sure about) that 60% of a health/fitness kick comes from cutting down on unhealthy foods. Having said that, exercise is totally important, especially if, like me, you want to tone up a bit more.

I'd highly recommend looking up at blogs for quick and easy to make foods, of which are all very healthy and go on websites like:

On the topic of food, it's so important NOT TO CUT MEALS!!!!DDDDOOOO NOOOTTT CUT OUT ON MEALS!

I know my teenage friends think that cutting breakfast and going on an empty stomach is the highway for skinniness, but it is so not.  Here are the reasons why:

1. Cutting meals slows your metabolism (slower metabolism means it takes a longer time to lose weight)

2. Oh my god, you will be so hungry!!! I can't go more than about two hours without sustenance.

3. While you may get off for about a week or two of not eating specific meals, in the long term, it encourages binge eating not a week later, consuming a high amount of calories in a short time span

4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it enforces concentration and focus in the brain. If you are going to have a big meal, have it at breakfast, that way you can burn it off over the day naturally.

I always find that the hardest part of getting into motivation is..... getting into my gym gear, though once I'm in my gear, I'm determined to do a good work out. For me, should I be totally slap-on-the-couch unmotivated (as I was about a month ago), I go out and buy some fabulous gym gear from shops like Lorna Jane, Lululemon, Victoria's Secret, etc.

This not only gives me an excuse to shop, but also motivates me to actually work and exercise in something comfortable and lovely at the same time.

Saw this, thought it was cool.


One doesn't find time to work out, one makes time.

As you know, I am still in school and that takes up a huge amount of time - schooling, co-curricular, homework, test prep, assignments, friends, and other things. Last year, I used to get up at five to go to the gym before school, but who on Earth was I kidding? I was absolutely shizzled after about a month of that.

Now, I go after school between about four to seven depending on what I have on that day.

Before finding out what times I could go, I wrote up a plan of which days I had to do what, and when I could slot in a work-out.

I've been ill for the past week, however, I still exercised even though today  I only went for half-an-hour. Putting in to perspective, doing something is better than doing nothing.

If you can't go to the gym, do those fabulous little 30 day ab workouts or conduct home workouts like Pilates, yoga or running around the block with the dog.

The Perks of Outside Exercise

STEP NUMBER FIVE: Stick With It!!!!!
The second hardest part (which ties in with motivation), is to stick with it. Once you're in it for about a month, you get this feeling when you begin to crave exercise and being healthy. Because I have been sick, this has been the worst part of it all because its this gut feeling when I could have done something, and I haven't.

I go to the gym with my mum and it's so much better than going alone. Grab a pal and hit the gym or go for a run and then go for a smoothie afterwards. I feel so much more motivated to exercise when I have a friend to exercise with! It passes the time so much quicker, and it keeps you going in the long-term, setting you into a habit.

In a nutshell, the year will go on whether one does exercise or not, but in the long run (<~~~ hehehe punny right there), how and where do you want to see yourself when next year rolls around.

I know where I want to see myself.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Somewhere Summary: A Wednesday

Took this in New Zealand last January from the balcony of the hotel.

Outside my house - autumn leaves

A jolly little puppykin.

Taste of home.


Jean-Baptiste Maunier -- French, Singer, Actor...beautiful...Angel...Perfection. (look him up!)

Dad bought some sunflowers :D So I took a photo of them and edited it with
A Beautiful Mess's new app. Highly recommended BTW!

When I saw this, I kind of skipped a heart-beat. If you like
All Too Well by Taylor Swift, you'll understand!

My favourite candle on the planet. Smells like caramel and winter!! Perfect for
cold, rainy evenings with hot chocolate, music and Harry Potter!

Feeling: Nostalgic 
Wanting: A cuppa vanilla tea and maybe Jean-Baptiste Maunier or Ryan Gosling
Needing: A cuddle <3
Listening to: "All I Need" - The Icarus Account (A magical band! Check them out!!!)
Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Weather Outside: 7:32pm - cold, raining
Going to...: Have a bath, read, sleep...

P.s. Elle Fowler tweeted me yesterday. So happy! <3 I love her in case you don't already know..she's such an idol for me haha!


P.p.s. Hope you enjoy these kinds of posts. I kind of do, so I hope you might also!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Style Icon: Olsen Twins

Hello hello.

This is going to be a quick post today because my brother is being a dick and is pissing me off to the absolute maximum, thus making me really, really unmotivated to write anything at the moment.

In case you haven't guessed, my June style Icon(s) are the Olsen Twins. I have loved these girlies since reruns of Full House which is so old, and now I feel so old having just said that!

I love their curly hair, its so casual and generally looks very healthy and somehow it looks so ...(trying to find a word...) effortlessly chic though I'm sure they went through a particularly lengthy process on how to get it done. Having recently worked in a hairdresser, I believe that they would use a salt-spray to get such a summery just-come-out-of-the-sea look.

I also love their make-up. They have really pale eyes so I reckon that a smoky eye looks fantastic on them, especially with a dark red lip.

While their style is more boho/grunge and mine is a bit lighter and slightly more girly/preppy, I do admire how effortlessly they can piece things together.

Tell me what you think of them? I just love them haha!


50 Shades of Swimwear