Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lorna Jane Harem Pants

Hey everybody!

So, in my last post, I mentioned I went on a little bit of a Launa Jane haul (There's a hyperlink for you). For those of you who don't know, Launa Jane is a woman's sportswear shop and it is amazing and I'm totally hooked on it. (Also, for those who did read my last post, the Sydney Swans just got another goal and it's 78-78 and he jumped up in a fist pump, and punched a hole in the hanging light on the roof above him. HAHAH!)

Anyway, getting back to the topic of my latest haul, I went to Launa Jane after the alpaca fiasco because several of my Melbournian friends had told me that it's a really good shop so I went to investigate. As I did, I just happened to be in a bit of a pickle and in need of a pair of sports pants and a pair of Harem pants caught my eye and I just couldn't miss it.

They're completely black and they're multipurpose which means I can wear them as tracksuit pants (as I'm doing now), or some gym pants (which was the actual intention of the purchase...heehee) as well as slipping on some bright heels and wearing them to go out.  

I quite like them because they're really boho but still really nice and comfortable. They're also really light weight and breathy so I'm hoping that when I go to the gym tomorrow morning, they'll be really breathable and won't hold a lot of heat in them. I have yet to figure that out, but I'll post it when I do. They're also stretchy which I find good if I just want something to slip into and breathe. 

I'm hoping to get quite a lot of wear out of them. As I say before, they're so comfortable, they're great to just slip on when I'm at home by myself but because of their versatility, I can also wear them out and dress them up a bit which is actually so good.

Also, I got a little black headband kind of thing for an extra five dollars and it's a really interesting material. It's kind of an elastic thing but it also works as a sweat band which I'm looking forward to wearing during my little work out session tomorrow morning.

If I had any criticism for the pants, it would be that they're not good at all when you need something warm to wear. This morning, it got down to at least three degrees Celsius (which for Australia, is pretty damn cold) and I was wearing them and I was chilled to the bone! They do not keep the heat in, but I guess that can be a blessing as well for when it comes to working out in them, it means it doesn't keep the body heat in them. I'm not really familiar with Lorna Jane because normally, I'd shop for my athletics stuff somewhere else, but if I was in charge of the pricing of them, I would reduce the price a fair bit. I got them for $50 which for a pair of Harem pants, I thought was quite pricy, considering that the price I bought them for was a reduced price already. I don't know how much it cost before, but for me, $50 was a bite much. But, having said that, I don't really know the prices that Lorna Jane normally charge for their sportswear so I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion. I think they'd be a good buy, though. The seem to be very wearable, and in the past 24 or so hours I've had them, I'm really loving them.

Anyway, thanks for reading my second blog of the day. I don't really know when I'm going to get another opportunity to blog as I'm quite a bit busy but I'll try!
Lucy de Rouge.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Alpacas & Australian Football

Hey everyone!

As you know, over the past few days, I've been spending my life in Melbourne which has been magnificent...eliminating the rainy, windy, hailing, stormy, snowy (yet enchanting) weather. If I hadn't stressed it enough just then, the weather has been crazy.

My friends said that Melbourne could go through all four seasons in a day, but I never really took this seriously. But, after several days in the mountains, I've realised that the words they speak are actually true, however, I feel that I am the bringer of this miserable weather because before when I was back home, it was very rainy and as soon as we left, the sun decided to show his face. I'm not complaining though, hell no. I love the rain and miserable weather even though it does to terrors to one's hair.

You may be wondering why I chose to feature the word "alpaca" in my title today. This is because on Wednesday, my friends took us to a farm for some fun and to take us on a walk down memory lane. In my life, I had never ever seen a real life alpaca and one of my favourite bloggers wrote an article on alpacas. I have to say, they are the weirdest animals I'd ever seen.

They kind of look a bit like a horse/camel with a weird little face, a sheep's coat and a long giraffe's neck. As we went up to this creature of sorts, it must have gotten a bit shy or something because it started doing this weird thing with it's neck and my brother was like..."Oh god, move away, move away!" and I didn't understand what was going on but I moved away nonetheless. Being completely oblivious to the way that an alpaca happens to sort of protect itself, a friend of mine went up to the alpaca (a little bit cockily, I might add) and the alpaca spat all over him.

I'd never seen an alpaca spit but I can admit, it was one of the funniest little practises I'd ever witnessed in my life.

So, after our little alpaca fiasco, we went back to the place that were staying at and two days later, I did a wee bit of shopping at this place called Lorna Jane (hyperlink right there). It's an women's sport wear shop and it's such a cute little place. I bought a pair of Harem pants and for some reason, I can't seem to find them on the website so I can't attach a like. I'm actually not going to post the review that I wrote on this blog post, I'll write up a different one and post it after this because I want this article to be more a personal blog kind of thing, but if you want to see my review, just have a look at the next post on my Lorna Janes.

Other than that, the major thing I wanted to talk about was the Australian Football League that has turned Australia into two rivalries: Melbourne Vs. Sydney. Even the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was there. The game is actually still going at this moment an it has been a tight fitting game. Sydney is just losing by a mere 6 points which is crazy.

My father and brother are both yelling at the scream as loud as they can, it's actually a little bit scary. They're yelling out names of the players and what not, and I'm kind of sitting here like...I have absolutely no clue what's going on. I've never really been one for football or any of those high contact sports (aside my regular, hockey). My brother just yelled "HE STEPPED OUT!". I have no idea what this means...I'm guessing he stepped out of the pitch, but as I say, I have absolutely no idea.

Anyway, hope that was a good blog and a make-up for my absence over the past few days, I've been out of internet completely and I've been given the liberty of using the dial up for an hour so I'm going to update all my stuff  like Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and whatnot.

Don't forget to check out the Launa Jane blog I'm going to post right now!
Lucy de Rouge.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Come Fly With Me...

Hey blogettes!
Guess where I am?

Right now, I'm actually at the business lounge in Sydney Airport and seeing as my plane doesn't board for another half an hour or so, I've decided to do some blogging.  As I think I mentioned in my last post, I did my Duke of Edinburg bronze test and I passed it with "flying colours" as they told me. So, that's all good news.

I added some photos on my Instagram of me sitting extremely bored on the bus waiting to get into the middle of no where for my Bronze test. I was actually quite freaked out at night because the Sunday night before, my brother convinced me to play Slender with him and so going camping the following night, I was really scared that Slender Man would pop out of no where and kill me -- regardless that it's just a computer game.

I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post, but right now I'm heading on my way to Melbourne to see my g'rents which I'm very, very excited about. I'm not very excited about the flying bit, I've never been fond of planes even though we fly often. Today it's really quite cloudy so I'm a little apprehensive of turbulence and a really shaky plane ride which does scare me but I think I'll be okay.

I'm on with my brother which I don't know is a good thing or not. Haha. I'm sure it's a good thing. So here I am, nothing really to say other than here I am. Come fly with my, let's fly, let's fly away...

Lucy de Rouge.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Going Bush!

Hey everyone!

So, most of you won't know this so here's a little something different from my norm for you today. Unfortunately (for some), today isn't a fashion/beauty blog so if you don't want to hear me rant about the complete opposite of beauty, then switch off here, however, if you are interested in hearing what I have to say about this new peculiar topic, then by all means, carry on reading.

So, guess what...!

I'm going away on a Duke of Edinburgh's expedition tomorrow. For those who don't know what the Duke of Ed program is, it's a program run by lovely Philip (the Duke himself) where you are challenged to complete a certain amount of tasks such as physical, volunteering, skill and an expedition. If you do complete all the tasks, you get either your Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Right now, because I'm still a youngling, I'm going for my Bronze and I highly doubt I'd even aim for silver.

And tomorrow, I'll be driven off by a bus into the middle of no where and told to canoe for an entire day and find my way home. It'll be interesting. And I'm really not looking forward to it. I hate camping with all my life after a bad experience involving a wombat and a lot of rain...but yet, here I am finding myself the night before prepping for this bush expedition.

For those who ask why even bother doing a DoE course if you dislike camping, well, I did it for other personal reasons. So this should be interesting. I'll probably come back stinking, sweaty and in need for a good ol' break.

At least I'm with my friends. So that's one positive and I know that the things I get out of it will definitely benefit me mentally and physically. It will be a challenge but I'll post some pictures on my Instagram and so you'll be with me for the 31 or so hours of which I'm going bush.

Anyway, so at least now you'll know why I won't be posting until Tuesday night and then on Wednesday morning at nine in the am, I'm on a flight to...MELBOURNE! Yay! To see some old grand folk who live up in the mountains!

Anyway, that's my little rant for today and explanation for tomorrow and tomorrow. Hope everything is okay on your side of the mountain, and on  Tuesday night, I'll write a post telling you how it went!

Lots of Love,
Lucy de Rouge.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lucky Lanterns from Typo

As I mentioned in my last post (my babble post of things that I just needed to express into words), I went on a shopping trip with my friend yesterday after school. It was really quite fun. First off, we went to this juice bar (if you live in Australia, then you would know that nothing beats a Boost juice on a last day of school afternoon). I don't know if they do Boost internationally (I think they may do Boost in the UK as well), but I can tell you that their juices/smoothies/milkshakes are heavenly. Anyway, I'm going off topic.

After our Boosts, we walked around a bit and I found out that I had some spare change in my purse, so we went into one of my all time favourite places, Typo. If you know me personally, you'd know that my love for Typo is undying. It's a branch off of Cotton On and they make stationary, in other words, all things cute and adorable. It was there when I bought these so called "Lucky Lanterns" that I'd been spying on over the internet for a while now.

They were quite cheap at $19.95AUD but they look really good.  I think they're a good buy. The website states that they're 370cm long containing 10 little flower baubles. (In the pic below, only 9 are shown)

As you can see, they're little white and yellow flowers and when switched on, they glow a cute orangey colour. I haven't really found a place to put them yet. I'm thinking maybe over the little mantel piece but it's quite crowded at the moment. I need to find some screws and stuff so that they can hang nicely also, but when I find a place to hang them, and put them I'll, I'll post a picture. Right now, they're  just lying on the ground. If I had any criticism, it would be that it is a bit small. There are only 10 flowers on it so it means I can't really stretch it over somewhere big like the wardrobe, and the little green things that connect the wires to the flowers stands out a little bit. I would have preferred them to be a discrete colour like white or something so that they don't look so TADA! Also, in the middle of the flower where the globe goes, there is also a bit of green encaging the globe. I would change that to whit because when the flowers are facing you, it is a bit of a stand out. Other than that, I would rate it relatively highly because they are quite cute and they add a bit of something sweet and innocent to a room.

The ones I originally wanted to get were these ones:
But sadly, the place that I went to was out of stock. Now that I reflect on it, I think that the little flowers are nicer and they suit the theme of my bedroom a bit better than the little circular original lanterns. 

Time to Sleep!

As some of you may know (Whether or not we come from the same country down under), I've just started my school holidays! YAY! I'm so excited. Currently, I don't really have anything to blog about because I haven't really done anything exciting over the past few days because my life is very boring compared to other bloggers, so instead, I'm just going to babble on.

It's currently eight minutes to nine o'clock in the am (Friday) and I'm sitting in bed with a cup of tea. I was reading about half an hour ago but then I just got to that reading stage where your mind just clicks out and you find yourself thinking about other really unimportant things like what I'm planning to do on the weekend or something. The weather is actually quite miserable. Well, I don't know if you'd call it miserable. Because I live in a place where it never really rains (quite like LA), it's always really exciting when it rains. I love the rain, it's very beautiful and zen.

I don't know why I woke up so early, either. You'd think that being on a school break, I'd sleep in until some ridiculous time in the afternoon but I actually got up relatively early...which is unlike me. I find it weird because whenever I have to get up early (for school or to go to the gym or something), I'm always exhausted and want to sleep in but whenever I'm able to sleep in (say on a day like today), I wake up at the crack of dawn ready to go out and do stuff. My body has a weird sleeping clock.

I'm wearing my new pyjamas that I dedicated a previous post to (the ones my lovely cousin gave me). I'm really happy with them. If you want to see the full review of them, check out the other post.

I'm really stuck on blog ideas. When I'm away from the computer, I have so many ideas but when I'm at my laptop, then I'm just blank. I'm thinking of maybe doing a What's In My Bag blog. Those seem to be getting a height of attention recently. Maybe I could even do a hauls blog. Mind you, I did go out shopping yesterday with a friend. Maybe I could show you what I bought in the next blog. Yes, I'm going to do that. I was even thinking of maybe just full on blabbering away about some controversial issues that I feel passionately about. I did a case study into Australian asylum seekers. Maybe I'll post the essay I wrote on here. Oh well, I guess I'm just bored.

What do people do on holidays?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Peter Pyjamas!

The Story:
So, today I was a little stuck for blogging ideas and it took me a good ten or so minutes to come up with something to blog about, seeing as now this blog seems to be getting quite a few views daily *touch wood!*. Anyway, as I was browsing for ideas, I came across one which I thought may interest a few people.

I've been waiting for a mysterious package to come from the post office from my house for a long time until I realised that I actually had to go to the post office to pick it up. So, that was really annoying as it meant that I had to find a spare hour or two to drive or take a bus to the post office and pick it up and then drive or bus all the way back again. Eventually I found some time but when I did, it was about seven at night and two weeks after the scheduled "pick up by xyz" date which is really lazy and irresponsible of me to pick it up two weeks post to when it arrived there.

As most of my friends know, I've been anticipating this parcel for the entire fortnight whilst trying to find some time to pick it up (because I didn't know who sent it or what was inside it), although I did kind of suspect it was a birthday present from someone because my birthday was not too long ago.

So, I got off the bus and went into the post office, presented my ID and then got handed this enormous box. It was huge; from the tip of my head to my knees and then double my width. HUGE! This only increased my curiosity into finding out who sent it, why and what it was.

I got home, receiving multiple weird looks from friends by this box and I tore it open, my anticipation reaching the peak point and inside was the cutest big box I'd ever seen. It was a Peter Alexander box. For those who live outside of Aus, Peter Alexander is a pyjama shop. I'm not sure if they just sell it in Australia or if they sell internationally.

Inside the box was the cutest pair of pyjamas I'd ever seen in my life, sent from my amazing cousin as a birthday gift. They have little kittens all over them.


First of all, the aesthetics of the design are gorgeous. The kittens are absolutely cute as pie and provide a really innocent and cute look, but because of the design of the pyjamas, they're hipsters, they provide a little bit of edge to it as well which I think is good because otherwise it would be a little bit OTT for me. But no, they are super duper cute and I love them. The fabric on the pants is sateen (which is a branch off of cotton, but with a satin like layer over the top). I find this very good as it allows some breathing space and can be used in winter or summer. They are long pants, so like I said before, they will let you stay warm in winter but because of the specific material, they are really light and breathy.  They're also really easy to match with other things like a singlet or a long sleeved shirt. It even comes with a little three-quarter length cotton shirt but I haven't worn it yet, I just sort of mix and match it a little bit to see what else can go with it. It's very versatile.

If I had any improvements for the pants, I would have them instead of being a pair of long pants, but a pair of shorts. I think they would look really cute with shorts.

Coming from a Peter Alexander addict, I would rate these quite highly (maybe a seven to an eight) and even though I love them, my favourite pair are still my little penguin leg warmer ones. Nothing beats penguins.

Thank you to my lovely cousin! Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How To: Bright Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is definitely a versatile colour to jazz up any pair of lips, if it be during the day or night. It is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion (e.g. the old Hollywood beauty stars compared to celebrities today). Whether you're going out to a party, or looking for something formal to add to the dress, or even just going out and need a bit of pizzazz, red lipstick is certain to be the thing that brightens up your mood just a bit!

You will need:
- a lip balm
- a red lip liner
- red lipstick
- clear lipgloss

If you are older, it is important to go for lighter shades rather than something that's like bright vermillion or even choose something a little more neutral or a lipgloss and play up another feature such as eyeshadow. Also, make sure that your lip liner and gloss compliments with the lipstick that you're using. And lastly, you want the lipstick to be the main focal point on your countenance so I would advise not to play up any other features too much because you don't want it to be overkill.

Lip Stick Colour Guide:
Pale porcelain-like skin: Cool reds with plum tones. If you are looking for a statement, warm reds definitely add to the drama.
Bisque skin: Pinky undertones. Warm reds also make a dramatic statement.
Beige skin: Yellow undertones. Warm reds really harmonise wonderfully.
Olive skin: Warm reds with a green undertone looks really nice.
Caramel: Very versatile colours. Warm and cool reds look fantastic.
Almonds: Definitely cool reds. They make such a wonderful statement.

Step Number One: Choose your colour. If you want, you can refer to my little lip stick colour guide above. This is honestly just my personal opinion of what types of skin tones suits the red. I'm a little bit in between bisque and beige.

Step Number Two: (I actually got told this tip by someone and I've found it extremely helpful!) Using your lip balm, moisturise your lips. Not only does this keep your lips in good condition whilst wearing the lipstick, but it holds it in place.

Step Number Three: Using your lip liner, outline the outer edge of your lips. Like the lip balm, this helps to eliminate your lipstick from running. I've also done a bit of research into this and found out that if you don't have a lip liner, you can also use a little bit of concealer across your lips.

Step Number Four: Add your lipstick making sure that you go all the way around your lips INCLUDING THE INSIDE. (This could be in case your natural lip colour is a different shade to the lipstick that you are using.

Step Number Five: I then use a tissue and I dab at the lips just to get any access off.

Step Number Six: Use your lipgloss and add a little bit of shine to your newly lipsticked lips. If there's a bit of excess lipgloss, I'd advise putting your finger in your mouth and pull it out quickly. This gets rid of the excess. You can also do this to get rid of the lipstick in step five.

Hope that helped with wearing bright lipsticks! Leave me a comment or something to let me know what you think.

P.s. check your teeth regularly just in case you've got any lipstick on your teeth! You don't want to look like a vampire!

Lucy De Rouge

Monday, 17 September 2012

7 Reasons Why Crying is Healthy

I was sent this email (because I'm a bit of a hippie like that) and I thought it was really interesting. It's called "7 Reasons Why Crying is Healthy" and I thought this was really interesting because I've always found when I'm crying that I feel like I'm doing something stupid; but then I read this and I was like...maybe not so much. It's actually healthy for you. I've been told that crying is all "It's good to get it out" and "not everyone has to be brave" but that never really cut it for me. 

Here are some of the more physical sides to why crying is healthy:
1. Tears help us see as they make the eyes moist (I really hate the word "moist")
2. Tears kill bacteria (I also hate the word "bacteria")
3. Tears remove toxins!
4. Crying can elevate your mood (definitely agree with that!)
5. Crying lowers stress
6. Tears help foster communication.

There you go! I bet you didn't know that! Just a little something for your night if any of you are feeling down!.

Question & Answer Tag - Cosmetics

  • Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop. It's amazing and leaves your skin soft and lovely.
  • Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? Mac. Of course, haha.
  • Which feature do you play up the most? Either the eyes or the lips.
  • Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? Arms & shoulders. I have quite ugly arms.
  • What’s your favourite makeup look ? I like natural tones, but if I had to dress up, I'd wear bronze eyeshadow shades.
  • What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? A nice lipgloss - just something pretty. If it's during the day, a nice pinky colour or during the night, a bright red.
  • What’s your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? Bronze...sometimes I'd do a bit of glitter just for fun!
  • One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? I like getting my hair done professionally. 
  • Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? Unless it's good quality, I absolutely hate liquid eyeliners. They drive me crazy! I just can't stand them. The one I have at the moment is incredibly streaky and watery. It's just...I can't believe I bought it haha.
  • One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? Nails. I just can't stand getting my nails done at a salon.
  • One beauty trick you can share with everyone? Cucumbers. I know it may seem ridiculous and it looks so funny but cucumbers on the eyes are amazing. They're so good for your skin too by reducing redness, puffiness and dark circles. Another benefit is that they're cheap, but completely natural so you don't have to worry about chemicals or anything. And plus, they're sooo relaxing. They're wonderful.
  • Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? Wash your face morning and night and before you apply any make-up anywhere, use a primer of a moisturiser. 
Lucy De Rouge.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dot by Marc Jacobs

So, I just received a sample of Marc Jacob's new perfume Dot and I wanted to write a blog entry about it for a while, but like most perfumes I've tried out, it needed a bit of time and wearing to really prove to me of what makes it a good perfume.

We'll start with the packaging. The bottle is actually quite adorable, and as soon as I saw it on another person's blog, I was like...oh my cute! It's really quite girly, but then again, most of Marc Jacob's bottles are quite girly. The bottle is red with little black polkadots giving it the impression of a little ladybird. The bottle instantly highlights it's Spring-ness with the use of the polkadots and the little butterfly kind of wings on the lid, and for those (like me) who are entering Spring now, I think that the bottle is a definite must-have.

As for the actual perfume in the bottle, I didn't really know how to place it. As I presumed, the perfume is definitely a Spring/Summer perfume. It's really quite light and floral consisting of berries and even claims hints of Dragon Fruit (which I think is quite exotic and cool).  The base also consists of different vanillas, Jasmines and even though there are some musky tones, it's a day-time perfume so as a personal view, I wouldn't wear it at night.

I've been wearing it over the past few days and I'm slowly starting to like it. At first, I thought it would be one of the really girly, quite sickly ones like the Britney Spears episodes, but it's not. It's very fresh and light but it's also quite mature. I'm trying not to over where it, because I know I have a tendency of wearing something so many times and then getting bored of it, so I've been trying to differentiate this perfume with some others I like. I personally like the floral-ness of the perfume, other's might find it a little bit overwhelming but I think florals are really nice (just as long as they aren't too florally and granny-like). I think it's perfect for Spring as we're now going into the flowery sunny seasons.

Hope you all liked the perfume.

50 Facts About Me!

1. I speak French.
2. I am a massive shoppoholic.
3. I am a massive chocoholic.
4. I talk to myself...often.
5. My favourite movie is either the Harry Potter series or Love Actually.
6. I have a mini-crush on Ryan Gosling.
7. I talk in my sleep.
8. I pronounce either as "I-ther" instead of "ee-ther"
9. I have a brother called Charlie.
10. I make up the weirdest nicknames for people.
11. I cannot eat whipped cream anymore after a disastrous Whipped Cream Challenge gone wrong.
12. I live far far away in a magical land down under.
13. I get kangaroos and wombats and emus in my back yard...JUST KIDDING! :) I live in the city.
14. I don't speak like "Yah want some shrimp on tha barbay...? 'Straya mate..." I don't really know anyone who speaks like that either...
15. I am a grammar freak.
16. If there's money in my purse, I'll spend it within five minutes.
17. I go over the top with smiley faces :D   :)   ;)   B-)   :P   :9
18. I used to make little re-enactments of The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve and my dad still shows it to everyone... including my ex-boyfriend's dad.  >.<
19. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.
20. I am fifteen years young!
21. I am very fussy about foods.
22. The most adventurous thing I've done is swimming along whales in Hawaii
23. I love to ski!
24. I'm over-organised.
25. My favourite TV show is and will always be Friends.
26. I collect mini-owl statues.
27. My parents have split up so I'm living in two houses.
28. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Machu Pichu, South Africa or back to Bruges in Belgium.
29. I've seen Shrek so many times.
30. My favourite number is 18.
31. My favourite colour is green.
32. My middle name is Belle.
33. I'm obsessed with Marc Jacob's Dot.
34. I'm really short...5'3"
35. I would say my style is very girly and cute.
36. I love to play the piano.
37. I also love to sing, but I don't think I'll ever be good enough. Haha.
38. Right now, my most listened to song on my iPod is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift.
39. I really love hockey.
40. Right now, I'm reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and The Happiest Refugee.
41. I'm always reading more than one book at a time.
42. My biggest pet peeve is when people mess up grammar or when you can hear people eating.
43. I have a dog called Boog -- long story why I chose this name...
44. My iPod case is pink plastic with little devil horns.
45. I used to have incredibly long hair but then I cut it really short.
46. I get anxiety attacks every so often.
47. I'd eat tomato ketchup on everything.
48. I have a slow metabolism.
49. I am a hopeless romantic.
50. I live next door to a graveyard ;)