Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How To: Bright Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is definitely a versatile colour to jazz up any pair of lips, if it be during the day or night. It is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion (e.g. the old Hollywood beauty stars compared to celebrities today). Whether you're going out to a party, or looking for something formal to add to the dress, or even just going out and need a bit of pizzazz, red lipstick is certain to be the thing that brightens up your mood just a bit!

You will need:
- a lip balm
- a red lip liner
- red lipstick
- clear lipgloss

If you are older, it is important to go for lighter shades rather than something that's like bright vermillion or even choose something a little more neutral or a lipgloss and play up another feature such as eyeshadow. Also, make sure that your lip liner and gloss compliments with the lipstick that you're using. And lastly, you want the lipstick to be the main focal point on your countenance so I would advise not to play up any other features too much because you don't want it to be overkill.

Lip Stick Colour Guide:
Pale porcelain-like skin: Cool reds with plum tones. If you are looking for a statement, warm reds definitely add to the drama.
Bisque skin: Pinky undertones. Warm reds also make a dramatic statement.
Beige skin: Yellow undertones. Warm reds really harmonise wonderfully.
Olive skin: Warm reds with a green undertone looks really nice.
Caramel: Very versatile colours. Warm and cool reds look fantastic.
Almonds: Definitely cool reds. They make such a wonderful statement.

Step Number One: Choose your colour. If you want, you can refer to my little lip stick colour guide above. This is honestly just my personal opinion of what types of skin tones suits the red. I'm a little bit in between bisque and beige.

Step Number Two: (I actually got told this tip by someone and I've found it extremely helpful!) Using your lip balm, moisturise your lips. Not only does this keep your lips in good condition whilst wearing the lipstick, but it holds it in place.

Step Number Three: Using your lip liner, outline the outer edge of your lips. Like the lip balm, this helps to eliminate your lipstick from running. I've also done a bit of research into this and found out that if you don't have a lip liner, you can also use a little bit of concealer across your lips.

Step Number Four: Add your lipstick making sure that you go all the way around your lips INCLUDING THE INSIDE. (This could be in case your natural lip colour is a different shade to the lipstick that you are using.

Step Number Five: I then use a tissue and I dab at the lips just to get any access off.

Step Number Six: Use your lipgloss and add a little bit of shine to your newly lipsticked lips. If there's a bit of excess lipgloss, I'd advise putting your finger in your mouth and pull it out quickly. This gets rid of the excess. You can also do this to get rid of the lipstick in step five.

Hope that helped with wearing bright lipsticks! Leave me a comment or something to let me know what you think.

P.s. check your teeth regularly just in case you've got any lipstick on your teeth! You don't want to look like a vampire!

Lucy De Rouge

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