Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dot by Marc Jacobs

So, I just received a sample of Marc Jacob's new perfume Dot and I wanted to write a blog entry about it for a while, but like most perfumes I've tried out, it needed a bit of time and wearing to really prove to me of what makes it a good perfume.

We'll start with the packaging. The bottle is actually quite adorable, and as soon as I saw it on another person's blog, I was like...oh my cute! It's really quite girly, but then again, most of Marc Jacob's bottles are quite girly. The bottle is red with little black polkadots giving it the impression of a little ladybird. The bottle instantly highlights it's Spring-ness with the use of the polkadots and the little butterfly kind of wings on the lid, and for those (like me) who are entering Spring now, I think that the bottle is a definite must-have.

As for the actual perfume in the bottle, I didn't really know how to place it. As I presumed, the perfume is definitely a Spring/Summer perfume. It's really quite light and floral consisting of berries and even claims hints of Dragon Fruit (which I think is quite exotic and cool).  The base also consists of different vanillas, Jasmines and even though there are some musky tones, it's a day-time perfume so as a personal view, I wouldn't wear it at night.

I've been wearing it over the past few days and I'm slowly starting to like it. At first, I thought it would be one of the really girly, quite sickly ones like the Britney Spears episodes, but it's not. It's very fresh and light but it's also quite mature. I'm trying not to over where it, because I know I have a tendency of wearing something so many times and then getting bored of it, so I've been trying to differentiate this perfume with some others I like. I personally like the floral-ness of the perfume, other's might find it a little bit overwhelming but I think florals are really nice (just as long as they aren't too florally and granny-like). I think it's perfect for Spring as we're now going into the flowery sunny seasons.

Hope you all liked the perfume.