Friday, 24 January 2014


Karl, Hudson Kroenig and Cara Delevingne
Chanel Haute Couture SS14 show
See Style Spotted tomorrow!
I  ♡ Karl gloves
from Karl's official Instagram, @karllagerfeld 

Nike Running App
It's amazing! Might do a Thursday Thought
post on it next week

Bows of all colours, shapes and sizes
I intend on making my own instead
of spending myriads in
American Apparel 

"I'd Rather Go Blind" - Etta James
I'm currently doing this as a duet
with my vocal coach.

THURSDAY THOUGHTS: Mushroom Grey and Watermelon Pink

Watermelon pink and mushroom grey with a
spruce of gold

Yay or Nay?

I'll admit, at first when my nail technician stated the rising popularity of this new IN colour, Mushroom Grey, my first instinct was "absolutely no". I've never really found that fondness that my family all hold for mushrooms, so why on Earth would I want my nails painted in that colour?

While hesitant at first, after a long debacle, I was finally convinced to just chillax and let her do the work. Almost an hour and a half later, this is how I went home. 

Looking to the photo and back at the nails now, I'll say that the colour combination is definitely growing on me. I like the nomadic grey tone against the brightness of the pink, as well as the little "Still January - still New Year's Month" festivity on the ring finger. 


Wednesday, 22 January 2014


This beautiful fitted silk blazer from Chloé deserves a spot in my wardrobe with the promise that I will probably wear it alongside absolutely everything I own as that is just how much I love it. A charmingly sophisticated, yet perfectly minimalist to dress up and down while still looking classy - perfect alongside a pair of skinny jeans or tailored trousers and heels.

Delpozo SS14
How have I only just come across Delpozo? Both the top and the shorts fit my personal style to a T. I would definitely wear the top with my pair of leather pants, and the shorts with a nicely cut black blazer with a light grey blouse or shirt underneath. Thoughts?

I know this is kind of wild, and I don't think this would suit me at all, but there's something beautiful about these pleated trousers which caught my eye immediately. The closest garment I own to this is a pair of harem-ish style tweet trousers from Chloê, I don't own anything camel, either. According to Jan's American Vogue, Anna Wintour has stated that 2014 is a year to try new things, and express your personality on your sleeve.

Diptyque in Lavender
I love candles. They set the scene whether it's a romantic night for two, the key to a beautifully aromatic scent filling the whole house with beauty during the day, or the extra decorative piece added to a coffee table or mantel piece. 

Along with the rose, Lavender is also a scent that I adore; maybe it brings back all the nostalgia of the lavender potpourri of my grandmother's place. It's not only an naturally delicate scent, but burning lavender oil before sleeping is one method to rest assure you of a good night's sleep. 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TUESDAY STYLE SPOTTED: Felipe Oliveira Baptista Spring 2014

Felipe Oliveira Baptista Spring 2014 Campaign

Several of the aspects I identify as the most defining feature coinciding with classic pieces is the use of linear cut and block coloured garments without the need for adding a thousand textures to create one pool of eye and mind confusing chaos (*cough* Prada 2014)

I believe the perfect outfit consists of equilibrium between something that looks ground-breaking on the runway, but also something that one can wear on the streets without looking like a bouffant.

To follow through with this, the act of wearing a single designer from head-to-toe will submerge the look in to chaos and flashy vulgarity, however, Bapista's absence of trending texture and juxtaposing colour makes this rare look applicable.

While Felipe Oliveira Bapista's work doesn't quite date back to the iconic works of Chanel-Chanel or Schiaperelli, having only opened his self-titled house in 2003. I find a sense of this harmonious equilibrium carried through the his works, iconised by Chanel and Schiaperelli.

Exploring in to a more minimalist territory that differs against the vibrance of his last Spring line, and distinguishes him from the boisterous textures of other high-end lines, Bapista has taken a minimalistic approach to his Spring line, hinting military and sophisticated masculine undertones, while softening this with the use of lighter colour connotation.

Ma Look Préférée:
Whether it is the photography, the mise-en-scene or the garment choice, this image clearly stands out as significantly more elegant, delineating not only a look of sophistication, but emanating an unobtrusive storyline to complete the whole look.

This look consists of a powerful mix between street-style and High-End chic, though not too bold to make the whole look overwhelming - a rare combination in modern day fashion.

The crisp white swing coat allows for a rare versatility between dressing up or down, whether it be an eye catching purse, shoes, or statement jewellery to add a smidgen of colour to the otherwise, minimalist look.

Call it boring, but after all, less is more, wouldn't you agree?


Monday, 20 January 2014


Consistent exercise and dieting are the key ingredients in the fight towards weight-loss, yet contrary to popular belief, opting for just one of these won't achieve results. I know - I've tried.

Today I'll be talking about snacking, something I think we're all pretty familiar with. How many times a day do we find ourselves sifting through the cupboard/fridge until we can find something sweet or savoury or totalling triple digits on the calorie count to satisfy our snacking hunger? For me, I'm a total chocoholic; particularly at this post-Christmas time of the year where we've a ready abundance of chocolate just waiting to be eaten.

That being said, last week, I completely rebooted the kitchen snacking system; I did an enormous detox throw out of all the junk food sneaking around, and bought only the items I felt would aid in my reaching my goals.

On the Go:

  • Almonds (Essential fats and a whole lot of protein for a tiny nut)
  • Peaches (Antioxidants - think clear skin)
  • Bananas (High in potassium) 
  • Berries (Antioxidants, again)
  • Blueberries (Superfood)
  • Greek yogurt (Calcium, no added sugar, natural bacteria: Mix two table spoons of Greek yogurt with one table spoon of a yummy yogurt, alternatively, use Splenda or Stevia to naturally sweeten the taste)
  • Celery (No sugar, full of water to hydrate) 
  • Carrots (Make you see in the dark...Just kidding! Improved vision and reduces the risk of cancer)
  • Cucumber (Water rich, cure for hangovers, reduces the risk of cancer, aids in digestion)
  • Cashews (Low unsaturated fat, low GI, reduce risk of heart disease)
  • Dark chocolate square (No added sugar, lower blood pressure, increases brain blood flow)
  • Dried apricots, cranberries, apples, mango (with no added sugar)
  • Acai berries (antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids)
Light and Easy:
  • Banana and chocolate powder Protein Shake (2 minutes)
  • Celery and peanut butter (1 minute)
  • Avocado, cottage cheese, diced tomato on a rye Cruskit x 2 (4 minutes)
  • Tuna on a rye Cruskit x 2 (2 minutes)
  • Kale, apple carrot grape juice (5 minutes) - as seen on Shutterbean - life changer
  • Coconut water (can buy from a local vendor) 
  • Hard boiled egg (3 minutes)
  • Berry salad (5 minutes - add greek yogurt and honey on top for a super healthy, delicious snack)
  • Protein pancakes (10 minutes) 
  • Frozen yogurt covered fruit (freeze overnight for a light and easy morning snack)
  • Frozen berry, greek yogurt, banana smoothie (5 minutes)
  • Vegetable and cheese omelet (3 minutes)

If you need some more Fitspiration, head over to my Pinterest boards:


Friday, 17 January 2014

STYLE ICON: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

"A timely elegance mixed with the contemporary of a New York Chic"








If I could snap my fingers and have the wardrobe of someone else in an instant, it would be Olivia Palermo. A timely elegance mixed with the contemporary of a New York Chic.

I've been spying on Olivia Palermo's fashion since The City, admiring her impeccable eye for garment harmony, and the way she is able to cleverly uphold a classic look and mixed with modern overlying garments and accessories, making her whole look timeless - whether it is a textured Chanel-Chanel (before Lagerfeld) blazer and short-shorts or trousers (See photos 5 and 7), or a sixties inspired shift-dress with statement heels and jewellery (see photos 2 and 8). 

I love the way she generally pieces monochromatic simplistic garments together, and then jazzes the whole look up with either a textured clutch (see photo 3), or a statement necklace (see photo 8) to give it the whole look some colour and movement. 

Get the Look:
- blazers and other torso lengthening jackets
Chloé - $1295 now 60% off
at $519 at Barney's 

ASOS - AU$69

- short above the knee shorts/skirts OR fitted/skinny trousers (leather, scalloped, white, black, navy, camel)
Topshop Scalloped Hem - $60

Black Alexander Wang from Tuchuzy

Black Helmut Lang leather skinnies from Tuchuzy
- Statement pieces
Amber Sceats



Thursday, 16 January 2014


Filipe Oliveira Baptiste - Style Spotted post
on Filipe coming next Tuesday!

Hallie Daily
Roses de Chloé - Sweet, sophisticated, scrupulous
Hopefully a post coming on this soon, too!
Fossil Collective "If you go" - My new muse

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Cambridge satchel purse
OPI nail lacquer
Nina Ricci waterfall dress
Nine West ballet flats

As we bid 2013 our final goodbyes and officially start to allow the 2014 reality to sink in, Pantone has declared the brand new colour of the year, and while I'm surprised it's not the cobalt blue I'd so adamantly anticipated, this new colour has evoked a whirl wind of elatedness in the fashion industry, and I'm pleased to say that I love it already.

Inspiring confidence, poise and independence, a girlish combination of sweet fuchsia, lavender and puce, the colour is just as gorgeous and unique as the captivatingly beautiful, delicately scented flower. Innocent and pretty, the colour also hints at an underlying sophisticated and intelligent aura, a perfect combination for the wearer.

Make a stunning statement with a radiant orchid coloured purse, nails or shoes to easily femininise any outfit. While the colour is simply beautiful, I urge you not to go overuse the colourfor it will become too overwhelming and it will lose the simplistic charm and beauty about it. You can't have too much of a good thing, can you? 

What are your thoughts on the colour? Yay? Or nay?

Topshop SS14

Radiant Orchid undertones in Versace SS14

Delicate hints in Dior SS14
Aubrey Plaza, Golden Globes in a two-toned, Radiant Orchid
Oscar de la Renta dress and matching Louboutins. 


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

STYLE SPOTTED: Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2014

Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign

"Timeless Elegance"

Look 18

The first feature to jump to mind is the beautiful, floral printed A-line. The fluid, knee-length skirt adds a flatteringly innocent femininity that contrasts against the contemporary sharply cut mid-drift. The black suede of the triangle toed pumps completes the look with grace and sophistication to follow up with the iconic fifties inspired skirt.

Look 19

This three-quarter length dress caught my eye, reminding me nostalgically of the red lace dresses that Valentino so symbolically created back in the day. The red hue of the dress provides an almost Spanish aura, complimented by the purple-black fabric placed behind it, giving the otherwise summery proclivity of the dress a wintery acceptance. The pattern of the dress accessorises an otherwise plain canvas, making it a statement of it's own without the need for much jewellry or "dressing up".

Look 24
Ma look préférée:
The reason I've chosen this one to be my favourite look is due to the dichotomy of timely simplistic elegance mixed with the contemporary of modern day fashion. I find blazers such an easy, yet visually effective technique to add a sophisticated elegance to any look, particularly when in pair with tailored trousers. 

While sometimes trousers/jeans, blazers and blouses can provide a perception of masculinity, I often find it easy to defuse this through statement accessories and pumps (as seen above). Think Olivia Palermo, Chanel-Chanel and Victoria Beckham. 

Maybe it's because I'm a block colour person or not, I tend to give this particular look some pizzazz through adding a single pop of colour e.g. maybe a red lip, and red pumps instead? A brightly coloured Hermes bag? 

For someone who lacks considerably in the vertical department (i.e. someone who is quite short...i.e. me), tailored trousers, blouses and blazers help to elongate the body, giving a slimmer and longer figure. Furthermore, long, sharply-cut garments (particularly layered) add to hide any curves in unwanted places. 

Luxe de Rouge