Tuesday, 14 January 2014

STYLE SPOTTED: Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2014

Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign

"Timeless Elegance"

Look 18

The first feature to jump to mind is the beautiful, floral printed A-line. The fluid, knee-length skirt adds a flatteringly innocent femininity that contrasts against the contemporary sharply cut mid-drift. The black suede of the triangle toed pumps completes the look with grace and sophistication to follow up with the iconic fifties inspired skirt.

Look 19

This three-quarter length dress caught my eye, reminding me nostalgically of the red lace dresses that Valentino so symbolically created back in the day. The red hue of the dress provides an almost Spanish aura, complimented by the purple-black fabric placed behind it, giving the otherwise summery proclivity of the dress a wintery acceptance. The pattern of the dress accessorises an otherwise plain canvas, making it a statement of it's own without the need for much jewellry or "dressing up".

Look 24
Ma look préférée:
The reason I've chosen this one to be my favourite look is due to the dichotomy of timely simplistic elegance mixed with the contemporary of modern day fashion. I find blazers such an easy, yet visually effective technique to add a sophisticated elegance to any look, particularly when in pair with tailored trousers. 

While sometimes trousers/jeans, blazers and blouses can provide a perception of masculinity, I often find it easy to defuse this through statement accessories and pumps (as seen above). Think Olivia Palermo, Chanel-Chanel and Victoria Beckham. 

Maybe it's because I'm a block colour person or not, I tend to give this particular look some pizzazz through adding a single pop of colour e.g. maybe a red lip, and red pumps instead? A brightly coloured Hermes bag? 

For someone who lacks considerably in the vertical department (i.e. someone who is quite short...i.e. me), tailored trousers, blouses and blazers help to elongate the body, giving a slimmer and longer figure. Furthermore, long, sharply-cut garments (particularly layered) add to hide any curves in unwanted places. 

Luxe de Rouge

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