Monday, 21 April 2014


色 Japanese for Colour

An infusion of classic French chic
with the street style of New York

Ajuste Cory Low Rise Jean - white
AU$320 from Green with Envy
I find that a pair of white jeans/trousers/leather trousers is an unequivocal staple in every girl's wardrobe due to three major elements. A, they are incredibly chic and stylish, and B, are slightly more upmarket that a regular pair of distressed jeans. If you are going for a look that requires a smart-casual attire, my white leather trousers from Zara would be my go-to, along with a blazer and a colourful pair of heels (see below for a surprise!). C, white trousers are versatile, given that white, similar to black, is such a compliment colour to pretty much anything. 

Adila Biker Jacket - pink (also available in navy from ShopBop)
AU$1370 from Green with Envy
Biker jackets have been all the rage for a few years now, and while black leather has proved a key trend in the fashion world, I feel that, if paired wrongly, black leather can come across as harsh and almost standoffish. When stumbling across this pink suede and leather detailed jacket, I fell in love with the girly, yet still sophisticated nature it emanates. I rarely wear pink as I find it can be a bit in-your-face with its juvenile stigma QED Elle Woods, however, I really felt like the biker of it atoned for this, overall synthesising a young femininity (i.e. hypothetically, the Parisian element) from the pink, with a more street-style leather jacket (more or less, the New York street style)
IRO Sherie Boots - pearl grey, or deep blue
AU$846 from IRO
IRO Sydrae Pumps - nude or navy
AU$650 from IRO
Brightly coloured shoes do not need to be $20 from Rubi shoes or Supre to be fabulous! Personally, when my eyes fixated on these two pairs of shoes, I immediately fell in love with the elegant street style and Parisian pump (respectively), not to mention the exotic richness of the colours. While both come in more conservative shades, I feel they wouldn't be half as charmingly wacky as they are in these vibrant blues. I would definitely intend on pairing them with a matching tote, maybe this one or this one from Michael Kors, further, I feel they would look stunning with the pair of white trousers up above!
What are your thoughts?

P.s. sorry for the delay in posting! I am aware that it's been over a month - I've been up to my ears in work and it's been insane, but I should be back on track with a Wishlist post tomorrow!

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