Friday, 7 March 2014

FRIDAY FAVOURITES: Warehouse Fashion

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The calm after the storm, winter starts to drift back off into the horizon for another year; the work load lays off, the stress dissolves, hair is let down and the weather begins to shyly hint those excitable notes of warmth that has been so patiently waited for through a bitter Winter season.

♡Welcome to Spring.♡

Aside the mass boom of vivacious florals and the conspicuous smiles of the sun-deprived world, there's nothing I truly love more than the rebirthing of pastel lace; it's girly, it's flirty and it's the easiest yet most charming thing one could possibly wear.

The Warehouse has been doing lace on and off for a few years now, though pleased to say I find the SS14 lineup the most promising so far. It's incredibly adaptable to anyone's individual style, not to mention the lace and pastel combination hints at the angelic innocence of beauty.

Top Favourites:

Perfect for those days when it's still quite chilly. 
I find this jumper absolutely stunning in a sense that it 
emanates a modernist yet conservative warmth to it - 

the combination of smart/casual makes it perfect to wear either
around the house with a pair of Ugg boots, or out to a nice
dinner in white washed jeans and boots.
Link: here


I love shift dresses. 
The colour of this dress reminds me of a seven a.m. start - crisp and fresh, ready to 
take on the day. 
I like how this dress pulls in at the waist to for more figure definition
as sometimes, with shift dresses, the general sharp cut of the garment completely obscures the natural figure - good in some ways, but bad in others. 

I can imagine myself wearing this with Marc Jacob's Spring perfumes, Honey or Dot, and maybe a pair of white heels 
Link: here

I love the colour, I love the shape of the dress. I love the lace.
I love how this dress is so feminine and girly, yet the lace and the low back gives it a bit more
of a sexiness for night time wear. 
I think this dress would be perfect on it's own with a pair of nude heels (as to not
distract the eye from the dress)
This dress also comes in a royal navy blue, though I prefer the red as it is more eycatching haha.
Link: here


It's no secret that I have an obsession for blazers - I find them perfectly chic and sophisticated.
The use of the lace aids to the femininity of the blazer and kind of tones down on the 
harshness of the sharp edges, like shoulders pads and the cut off sleeves, that would 
generally feature on the blazer. 

I love how it is white, meaning you could wear it with practically anything. I think this blazer and both
the above dresses would make a flawless combination, perfect to dance into
for Spring.
Link: here



P.s. The Warehouse have actually opened a store on the street just up from where I live
in Sydney! I'm definitely going to check it out!

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  1. Great selection, dear! These are all things I'd love to wear!