Thursday, 6 March 2014

THURSDAY THOUGHTS: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014

Heart shaped necklines, sharp pointed shoulders and pinched waistlines that spiral out into a waterfall of tule like a rosebud in bloom. Christian Dior - Haute Couture.

There was something truly magnificent, something astoundingly beautiful that made my heart crave at the classic silhouette of Dior when I saw Jennifer Lawrence step out at the Oscars in a magnificent vividly red number. While slightly more toned down on the sweetness and sugar of the pearly Dior she wore when she glided down the carpet last year, this new red one reaffirmed my love for Dior. 

While Audrey Hepburn's iconic look was predominantly Givenchy, Lawrence's dress reminded me of something Hepburn wore when she did step out in Dior; elegance, class and sheer femininity. Something incredibly 50s. 

With the kaleidoscope of colour, pattern and ambiguity that designers like Prada and Gucci are presenting through their representatives at the Oscars, I find something so simply beautiful through the classic mono-coloured dress. 



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