Thursday, 27 February 2014


Vogue Aus March Edition:
Mia Wasikowska - The Magic of Mia

Mulberry with Cara Delevingne 
I'm dying for the next episode but I just can't believe
that Ezra is (supposedly) A.
My theory: I think A has blackmailed
into Ezra being the one to take the blame as A so that A doesn't hurt Aria
i.e. he's doing it for loooove :").

P.s. My legal teacher is the spitting image of Ezra!!
:O Maybe my legal teacher is A? :O
Alannah Hill - my formal dress <3

Just for now - Imogen Heap
So beautiful and quirky

(sorry I haven't been posting! I've had my exams ;( and they're so crazy haha)

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