Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lucky Lanterns from Typo

As I mentioned in my last post (my babble post of things that I just needed to express into words), I went on a shopping trip with my friend yesterday after school. It was really quite fun. First off, we went to this juice bar (if you live in Australia, then you would know that nothing beats a Boost juice on a last day of school afternoon). I don't know if they do Boost internationally (I think they may do Boost in the UK as well), but I can tell you that their juices/smoothies/milkshakes are heavenly. Anyway, I'm going off topic.

After our Boosts, we walked around a bit and I found out that I had some spare change in my purse, so we went into one of my all time favourite places, Typo. If you know me personally, you'd know that my love for Typo is undying. It's a branch off of Cotton On and they make stationary, in other words, all things cute and adorable. It was there when I bought these so called "Lucky Lanterns" that I'd been spying on over the internet for a while now.

They were quite cheap at $19.95AUD but they look really good.  I think they're a good buy. The website states that they're 370cm long containing 10 little flower baubles. (In the pic below, only 9 are shown)

As you can see, they're little white and yellow flowers and when switched on, they glow a cute orangey colour. I haven't really found a place to put them yet. I'm thinking maybe over the little mantel piece but it's quite crowded at the moment. I need to find some screws and stuff so that they can hang nicely also, but when I find a place to hang them, and put them I'll, I'll post a picture. Right now, they're  just lying on the ground. If I had any criticism, it would be that it is a bit small. There are only 10 flowers on it so it means I can't really stretch it over somewhere big like the wardrobe, and the little green things that connect the wires to the flowers stands out a little bit. I would have preferred them to be a discrete colour like white or something so that they don't look so TADA! Also, in the middle of the flower where the globe goes, there is also a bit of green encaging the globe. I would change that to whit because when the flowers are facing you, it is a bit of a stand out. Other than that, I would rate it relatively highly because they are quite cute and they add a bit of something sweet and innocent to a room.

The ones I originally wanted to get were these ones:
But sadly, the place that I went to was out of stock. Now that I reflect on it, I think that the little flowers are nicer and they suit the theme of my bedroom a bit better than the little circular original lanterns. 

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