Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Peter Pyjamas!

The Story:
So, today I was a little stuck for blogging ideas and it took me a good ten or so minutes to come up with something to blog about, seeing as now this blog seems to be getting quite a few views daily *touch wood!*. Anyway, as I was browsing for ideas, I came across one which I thought may interest a few people.

I've been waiting for a mysterious package to come from the post office from my house for a long time until I realised that I actually had to go to the post office to pick it up. So, that was really annoying as it meant that I had to find a spare hour or two to drive or take a bus to the post office and pick it up and then drive or bus all the way back again. Eventually I found some time but when I did, it was about seven at night and two weeks after the scheduled "pick up by xyz" date which is really lazy and irresponsible of me to pick it up two weeks post to when it arrived there.

As most of my friends know, I've been anticipating this parcel for the entire fortnight whilst trying to find some time to pick it up (because I didn't know who sent it or what was inside it), although I did kind of suspect it was a birthday present from someone because my birthday was not too long ago.

So, I got off the bus and went into the post office, presented my ID and then got handed this enormous box. It was huge; from the tip of my head to my knees and then double my width. HUGE! This only increased my curiosity into finding out who sent it, why and what it was.

I got home, receiving multiple weird looks from friends by this box and I tore it open, my anticipation reaching the peak point and inside was the cutest big box I'd ever seen. It was a Peter Alexander box. For those who live outside of Aus, Peter Alexander is a pyjama shop. I'm not sure if they just sell it in Australia or if they sell internationally.

Inside the box was the cutest pair of pyjamas I'd ever seen in my life, sent from my amazing cousin as a birthday gift. They have little kittens all over them.


First of all, the aesthetics of the design are gorgeous. The kittens are absolutely cute as pie and provide a really innocent and cute look, but because of the design of the pyjamas, they're hipsters, they provide a little bit of edge to it as well which I think is good because otherwise it would be a little bit OTT for me. But no, they are super duper cute and I love them. The fabric on the pants is sateen (which is a branch off of cotton, but with a satin like layer over the top). I find this very good as it allows some breathing space and can be used in winter or summer. They are long pants, so like I said before, they will let you stay warm in winter but because of the specific material, they are really light and breathy.  They're also really easy to match with other things like a singlet or a long sleeved shirt. It even comes with a little three-quarter length cotton shirt but I haven't worn it yet, I just sort of mix and match it a little bit to see what else can go with it. It's very versatile.

If I had any improvements for the pants, I would have them instead of being a pair of long pants, but a pair of shorts. I think they would look really cute with shorts.

Coming from a Peter Alexander addict, I would rate these quite highly (maybe a seven to an eight) and even though I love them, my favourite pair are still my little penguin leg warmer ones. Nothing beats penguins.

Thank you to my lovely cousin! Have a nice day!

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