Friday, 28 September 2012

Alpacas & Australian Football

Hey everyone!

As you know, over the past few days, I've been spending my life in Melbourne which has been magnificent...eliminating the rainy, windy, hailing, stormy, snowy (yet enchanting) weather. If I hadn't stressed it enough just then, the weather has been crazy.

My friends said that Melbourne could go through all four seasons in a day, but I never really took this seriously. But, after several days in the mountains, I've realised that the words they speak are actually true, however, I feel that I am the bringer of this miserable weather because before when I was back home, it was very rainy and as soon as we left, the sun decided to show his face. I'm not complaining though, hell no. I love the rain and miserable weather even though it does to terrors to one's hair.

You may be wondering why I chose to feature the word "alpaca" in my title today. This is because on Wednesday, my friends took us to a farm for some fun and to take us on a walk down memory lane. In my life, I had never ever seen a real life alpaca and one of my favourite bloggers wrote an article on alpacas. I have to say, they are the weirdest animals I'd ever seen.

They kind of look a bit like a horse/camel with a weird little face, a sheep's coat and a long giraffe's neck. As we went up to this creature of sorts, it must have gotten a bit shy or something because it started doing this weird thing with it's neck and my brother was like..."Oh god, move away, move away!" and I didn't understand what was going on but I moved away nonetheless. Being completely oblivious to the way that an alpaca happens to sort of protect itself, a friend of mine went up to the alpaca (a little bit cockily, I might add) and the alpaca spat all over him.

I'd never seen an alpaca spit but I can admit, it was one of the funniest little practises I'd ever witnessed in my life.

So, after our little alpaca fiasco, we went back to the place that were staying at and two days later, I did a wee bit of shopping at this place called Lorna Jane (hyperlink right there). It's an women's sport wear shop and it's such a cute little place. I bought a pair of Harem pants and for some reason, I can't seem to find them on the website so I can't attach a like. I'm actually not going to post the review that I wrote on this blog post, I'll write up a different one and post it after this because I want this article to be more a personal blog kind of thing, but if you want to see my review, just have a look at the next post on my Lorna Janes.

Other than that, the major thing I wanted to talk about was the Australian Football League that has turned Australia into two rivalries: Melbourne Vs. Sydney. Even the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was there. The game is actually still going at this moment an it has been a tight fitting game. Sydney is just losing by a mere 6 points which is crazy.

My father and brother are both yelling at the scream as loud as they can, it's actually a little bit scary. They're yelling out names of the players and what not, and I'm kind of sitting here like...I have absolutely no clue what's going on. I've never really been one for football or any of those high contact sports (aside my regular, hockey). My brother just yelled "HE STEPPED OUT!". I have no idea what this means...I'm guessing he stepped out of the pitch, but as I say, I have absolutely no idea.

Anyway, hope that was a good blog and a make-up for my absence over the past few days, I've been out of internet completely and I've been given the liberty of using the dial up for an hour so I'm going to update all my stuff  like Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and whatnot.

Don't forget to check out the Launa Jane blog I'm going to post right now!
Lucy de Rouge.

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