Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TUESDAY STYLE SPOTTED: Felipe Oliveira Baptista Spring 2014

Felipe Oliveira Baptista Spring 2014 Campaign

Several of the aspects I identify as the most defining feature coinciding with classic pieces is the use of linear cut and block coloured garments without the need for adding a thousand textures to create one pool of eye and mind confusing chaos (*cough* Prada 2014)

I believe the perfect outfit consists of equilibrium between something that looks ground-breaking on the runway, but also something that one can wear on the streets without looking like a bouffant.

To follow through with this, the act of wearing a single designer from head-to-toe will submerge the look in to chaos and flashy vulgarity, however, Bapista's absence of trending texture and juxtaposing colour makes this rare look applicable.

While Felipe Oliveira Bapista's work doesn't quite date back to the iconic works of Chanel-Chanel or Schiaperelli, having only opened his self-titled house in 2003. I find a sense of this harmonious equilibrium carried through the his works, iconised by Chanel and Schiaperelli.

Exploring in to a more minimalist territory that differs against the vibrance of his last Spring line, and distinguishes him from the boisterous textures of other high-end lines, Bapista has taken a minimalistic approach to his Spring line, hinting military and sophisticated masculine undertones, while softening this with the use of lighter colour connotation.

Ma Look Préférée:
Whether it is the photography, the mise-en-scene or the garment choice, this image clearly stands out as significantly more elegant, delineating not only a look of sophistication, but emanating an unobtrusive storyline to complete the whole look.

This look consists of a powerful mix between street-style and High-End chic, though not too bold to make the whole look overwhelming - a rare combination in modern day fashion.

The crisp white swing coat allows for a rare versatility between dressing up or down, whether it be an eye catching purse, shoes, or statement jewellery to add a smidgen of colour to the otherwise, minimalist look.

Call it boring, but after all, less is more, wouldn't you agree?



  1. less is definitely more!

  2. Wow these looks are gorgeous!

    Yasmeen x

  3. woah talk about inspiration. These looks are incredible and literally make me want to up my game in the fashion stakes! Less is more, I love understated looks.

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com