Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Somewhere Summary: A Wednesday

Took this in New Zealand last January from the balcony of the hotel.

Outside my house - autumn leaves

A jolly little puppykin.

Taste of home.


Jean-Baptiste Maunier -- French, Singer, Actor...beautiful...Angel...Perfection. (look him up!)

Dad bought some sunflowers :D So I took a photo of them and edited it with
A Beautiful Mess's new app. Highly recommended BTW!

When I saw this, I kind of skipped a heart-beat. If you like
All Too Well by Taylor Swift, you'll understand!

My favourite candle on the planet. Smells like caramel and winter!! Perfect for
cold, rainy evenings with hot chocolate, music and Harry Potter!

Feeling: Nostalgic 
Wanting: A cuppa vanilla tea and maybe Jean-Baptiste Maunier or Ryan Gosling
Needing: A cuddle <3
Listening to: "All I Need" - The Icarus Account (A magical band! Check them out!!!)
Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Weather Outside: 7:32pm - cold, raining
Going to...: Have a bath, read, sleep...

P.s. Elle Fowler tweeted me yesterday. So happy! <3 I love her in case you don't already know..she's such an idol for me haha!


P.p.s. Hope you enjoy these kinds of posts. I kind of do, so I hope you might also!!

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  1. Aww, great post I love these posts and I don't know why... maybe because they're more personal I guess!
    I have been wanting to go to New Zealand for ages, where abouts did you go? What was your fav part!
    P.s I saw that she tweeted you!! Awesome!
    Madeleine In Wonderland