Saturday, 8 June 2013

Haul: Victoria's Secret, Kérastase, Lorna Jane, and Red Hair

Hello, hello!

It's been a week, it's raining still, and I'm listening to Martha Wainwright whilst typing up a fabulous wittle haul for anyone who is interested! I'm so happy to say that the amount of views I got on my last post was so cool and it's shot up so much which is très fantastique!!

So I've had these little beauties for a while now and I just hadn't really bought anything else of which I could do a combo haul into so I guess I just haven't...until now! After buying the Pure Seduction, I was really curious to find out what the other scents consisted of as I really loved Pure Seduction. I don't know why, but I was kind of expecting something really spectacular as I did my prior research into the scents I wanted and came across these two.When them came in the mail, I was really pumped and maybe got a little too over-enthused as when I tried them out, I didn't really like them at first glance as they were a bit strong, but I do admit that as I've gone along, I've definitely grown to looove them!

Amber Romance literally sums up Autumn in a scent. It's so calming. Just imagine a hot fire, autumn leaves and a cup of Vanilla tea, and that's literally what Amber Romance smells like. I love wearing it to bed as well because its very delicate and soft and placid. If one were to put it on, I wouldn't suggest spraying it directly on the body, but spraying it into the air and walking through it, that way you get the perfect combination between overpoweringly strong, and too little.

I also got Strawberries and Champagne because I'm having a sixteenth in about a month and I needed something girly and nighttime funzies. You know what I mean. I love strawberries and well...champagne is nice ;) overall the scent is fun and just perfect for a girls night out. Its also really nice for a Saturday morning after a run out to the gym and a hot shower, and then a spray of refreshing Strawberries and Champagne.

Overall, I find S and C more eau de toilette and if layered, Amber Romance can become more of an eau de parfum as layering brings out more of a musk to it.

If you follow my twitter, @luceindia , you would be aware that I got my hair done today too! YAY! I went radical and red and surprisingly, it looks really good. My stylist Sarah did an absolutely flawless job as seen above, though I hasten to add that it looks way better in real life as the camera I used has saturated the colour a tad. It's not that red, though more of a mahogany which is good as I'm going into winter!

Sarah has given me some handy tips and tricks of the trade (though I used to be a hairdresser part time...didn't work out). She used this heat protectant leave in conditioner which worked really well at protecting my hair from drying out a lot, as well as minimising frizz-factor and etc. It works as a dual protector and hydrator which is precisely useful for anyone who blow-dries their hair on a regular basis.

I've been using a Toni and Guy heat protector for a while now (a spray) and I've just found that it doesn't work at all. I spray my hair with generous amounts and it doesn't work, so personally, I've found this to be a bit of a rip off for the name. Quite disappointing considering Toni and Guy is quite expensive, and the product fails to live up to what it declares.  

I have yet to open this cream from Kerastase, but I'm very much looking forward to it!

Sarah also gave me a little sample of this serum of which she also used on my hair, though I was hesitant to buy as it's Moroccan Oil and if you've followed up with my posts, you'll know I've recently done some purchasing of Argan Oil. She used this on my hair and to be honest, I found it worked really well.With the combination of the leave in conditioner above, it left my hair vibrant, shiny and frizz-less (YAY!)

It also aided in giving my hair a really healthy glow, which I love, because it has been looking quite dull due to a lot of heat and a certain failing heat protectant (cough, Toni and Guy, cough), and with it, I've been sent quite a few compliments on my hair which makes me grin ear to ear every time! :D

Well...I bought some flowers, and this is a haul post! Beautiful colour, delicate and smells like love. I love flowers. I think it's the little things in life that matter most. Like flowers and red autumn leaves and music.

Last, but not least, I did a cheeky little bit of shopping in Lorna Jane again because I'm obsessed and I found this really nice, loose fitting pink singlet. The fabric is so nice because it's loose so I don't feel like I'm going to suffocate, and it's thin so my skin can breathe a bit. I actually can't find it on the website which is a bummer, but I got a really good deal of a bra and a tank for $100 which is very handy indeed!


Hope you enjoyed my little mixed haul! Have a lovely week, and hopefully I'll be able to post another time over the long weekend as I'm going to the city with a chum tomorrow! YAY!


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