Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Where Am I? Life Update

Can you believe that the last time I posted on this little blog was July? Like, what? To answer some questions, no I have not died, nor gone to heaven (touch wood) but I've just been so extraordinarily busy with my (Australian GCSE equivalent) and pre-study and family and relationships and I literally just kept forgetting to post on my blog.

Breaking it down so I don't babble on for too long:

- I've turned sixteen!! YAY! But I barely feel any older or wiser or maturer...

- I broke up with a guy. Not sure how to feel about this yet, but everything happens for a reason.

- I blew my phone and parent's internet bill a few times ;P

- I've been busy as a beaver studying for my exams

- My vocal coach is trying to find me a busking license and a gig to perform at so I've been going crazy over that!

So there you have it. A wrap up and life update. Even though I've not been blogging and I suppose it's only acceptable to say that I'm kind of out  of the swing of blogging and posting and whatnot, I prommmmise that over the months I've conjured some fabulous new ideas for blogging (that of which including pre-blogging and posting when I need to, as well as having a specific schedule so I don't forget :P) and that I'm back and I'm here to stay.


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