Sunday, 6 October 2013

♡ REVIEW: Victoria's Secret Fantasies Body Mist ♡

Now that Spring time down south is officially making it's peak, it is officially floral season once again and time to make the most out of the season to be floral.

I find body mists a perfect way to spritz up an outfit as they're light, easy to wear and leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous whether it be a busy Monday morning, mid-day after lunch, or before going out at night. 

What I'm Reviewing:

♡ Strawberries & Champagne: wild strawberries and bubbly :P
♡ Sheer Love: white cotton and pink lily 
♡ Pure Seduction: red plum and sweet freesia 
♡ Such a Flirt: starfruit and white orchard 
♡ Hello Darling: white nectarine and peony 
♡ Love Spell: cherry blossom and peach 
♡ Amber Romance: amber and creme anglaise 

♡ Pure Seduction: 
Scent: Red Plum and Sweet Freesia
Rating: 9/10
Pros: Smells like heaven and once you're hooked, you can never go back :O
Cons: Slightly overpowering

This is definitely my favourite of the whole collection so far. You can kind of see above that Pure Seduction is definitely the one I've used up the most. I got the dual pack with the body lotion so unlike the others, this body mist bottle is only 125mL in comparison to the others of which are 250mL, meaning that it's small enough to tuck into my bag just for a refreshing spritz throughout the course of the day.

♡ Such a Flirt: 
Scent: Starfruit and White Orchard
Rating: 8/10
Pros: Pretty, flirtatious but not seductive, cute
Cons: Can be a little shy in the sense that it wears off after only a couple of hours so you need to keep applying

Scent-wise, this is my second favourite underneath the one above. The scent is super Spring and perfect to spruce up a beautiful Sunday morning. Literally, think stepping outside when the sun is shining, wearing a summer dress and feeling magnificent with birds tweeting and you're favourite song playing in the background. This is the scent that goes with that scenario.

♡ Hello Darling
Scent: White Nectarine and Peony 
Rating: 8/10
Pro: Makes Monday mornings, or any morning earlier than about 8am just that much easier
Cons: It ran out too fast :(

Okay. It's a Monday morning, it's raining and you have a tonne of work to do and even though you've only been awake for twenty-five minutes, you just feel like nothing's going the right way. HOLD UP, SISTER, a spritz of this and it turns the whole morning into a fairytale. It's liquid motivation to have a wonderful day. The nectarine fills in the capacity for the day's little luxury so you can go into work with a smile, smelling fresh and beautiful. I find this scent best suits in summer. Did you know that the peony is a traditional Chinese symbol meaning "King of the Flowers"? There you go, now you do :D

♡ Love Spell: 
Scent: Cherry Blossom and Peach 
Rating: 7/10
Pro: a bit more sultry and sexier than the former - perfect for going out at night
Con: I only got the body lotion so it's a bit hard to distinguish the fully developed scent of this one.

Like the other VS body lotions, this one leaves my skin ultra moisturised which is perfect for winter as I find that my hands especially dry out with the cooler weather. I tend to apply this just after a shower in the morning and it pretty much lasts the whole day for me. 

♡ Strawberries & Champagne: 
Scent: Strawberries and Champagne
Rating: 6.5/10
Pros: Classy, pizzazz, very unlike the rest of the mists
Cons: The scent can become a bit overpowering if not applied with modesty. 

This is my second oldest; what I really like about this one is that it's perfect for going out on a Friday, but it's not necessarily trashy per se, however, a lot of popular perfumes (especially all the celebrity perfumes i.e. Britney Spears) have a prominent sickly scent and while it's quite "in" and the scent that most of my friends go to, I don't really like it. Unfortunately, this one has a tinge of that scent, though if you apply it properly and don't go crazy (a mistake I've obviously made), it's great for a fun night out.

♡ Sheer Love:
Scent:  White Cotton and Pink Lily 
Rating: 7/10
Pros: Together with Flirt, this one sum up Spring in one scent.
Cons: Not very strong at all, I guess they call it Sheer Love for a reason :P

My lovely friend bought this for me for my sixteenth. I find that this one is very delicate, modest and cute, though really lovely. I kind of envisage myself wearing this with my mother's pearls, if you know what I mean. It's a bit more sophisticated than the rest and more of a Sunday white's lunch than anything.

♡ Amber Romance: 
Scent: Amber and Creme Anglaise 
Rating: 8/10
Pros: For me, this smells like cold winter nights with a cup of hot chocolate watching Downton Abbey
Cons: Strong scent, but still beautiful

This one's the cold winter night sitting at home watching TV or reading a book, or maybe I just turned it into that? I tend to wear this to bed as it has a really lovely vanilla and homely and calming scent on. If I could describe it in any other way, I'd say that unlike the others, it's a bit more eau de parfum instead of toilette as it's a bit more passionate (?) I don't know. 

As a wrap up, if you haven't owned any of the Fantasies Body Mists from VS just yet, I'd definitely urge you to go out and give it a try as they're cheap, and beautiful and the perfect way to spruce up any outfit. There are so so many different scents and I'm sure they all appeal to different people depending on what they like, so I'm sure there's something for everyone.

♡ ♡ 

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