Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Bellabox Review

Hello gorgeous friends!

Before July creeps onto us too quickly, I thought I'd ought to do my June Bellabox before my July one arrives! This month, I was extra lucky to receive quite a bit of stuff which is super cos it means a fun review!

As seen from the gorgeous little juxtaposition above, the box last month was indeed a combo box regarding box "girls night in and girls night out" which personally, I think is a fabulous idea!

The Kiss Nail Dress nail accessories are so cute. I'm not sure if everybody got different nail stickers, or the same or whatever, but I'm so glad I got these glitzy nail stickers. You probably won't know this but its my birthday on the 21st, meaning that I'm going to have a glitzy 16th party, and naturally, these nail stickers completely fit the "dress code" - thus I haven't actually used them yet so I can't provide a complete review on it, but when I do I'll let you know.

They're for both finger and toe nails, and supposedly last up to 10 days which, if this is true, proves very durable. I've used nail stickers before so I'll definitely be interested in comparing the two of them :)

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this face-mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Firstly, I was curious to try this on as I'd never heard of the brand before, nor seen it in Australian stores, however, I was looking forward to trying on the face-mask as it looks natural and organic (see the next picture for the deal) which is right up my alley, but when I applied it, I noticed a strange red tinge spreading across my cheeks. 

My face rashed from this for some reason. It stung and I'm not sure why. I know I have very sensitive skin, though not oily nor dry, so I think for now, I'll stick with the fresh ingredient face-masks that I make at home or buy at Lush.

I got a whole pamper packet of these little samples from Brazilian Butterfly:

- tea-tree body lotion
- aloe and witch hazel body lotion
- gentle exfoliating body scrub
- BB soothe ingrown hair treatment
- aloe and witch hazel body wash

The ones I probably liked the most were the aloe and witch hazel wash and body lotion. The one I was least inclined to use was the tea-tree body lotion as it reminded me of the lice-treatment smell that the one kid in your grade 5 primary school class reeks of! Maybe that's just me? No? Okay. haha

Regardless of having said that, each of the products did their jobs well; the hand creams leaving my skin soft as heaven and the exfoliators/scrubs getting rid of impurities but not damaging the skin.

It was almost funny getting this packet as I used to work at Toni and Guy, and using this product on people all the time! While it states its purpose for an "androgynous hold", my personal style doesn't necessarily use texturising hair glue (as I tend to go for a more...natural, feminine look...but hey, whatever floats your boat, right?), but I actually gave this to my brother to try out and he came back with the results for me - who knew siblings could co-operate in such a polite manner? 

His deliberations included:
- firm
- not gluggy 
- smells like a hair salon (thanks Charlie.)
- durable

I received the baby pink (209) lipgloss from Streetstar. 

I love the colour. I love the smell. I love the sparkles. It's perfect for adding a little bit of shimmer to a night out, but not overkill. Plus, I don't really have just a pale pink sparkly lip gloss so this did just the ticket.

I was a bit concerned about this product because apparently, some of the customers to this Bellabox received this lipgloss, though it was out of date, and just coincidentally (and rather stupidly), I threw out the packet before finding this out, so I don't really know if it's out of date, however, it smells, looks and applies as though it's fine, so I'd say it is fine.

Love Bioderma...enough said. 

Haha, just kidding. I found this product smooth and silky. The part that got me was the Paraben free, fragrance free part for sensitive skin, as I do have sensitive skin, thus it worked wonders as it was gentle and ...forgiving...?

The only downside was the packet was only 8mls in product so I didn't really get much to try it with in total. I don't know if i'd purchase it yet, though I'll give the other one a try and see what I think.

Perfect. I'm almost tempted to put this underneath the sparkly nail accessories above as I think the gold and red would go nicely as a statement for my 16th. What do you think? I've kind of gone off the colour red, though this had me hooked.

It's almost a fluorescent red which is different from the passionate (whaaat?) and deeper reds I'd go for, so when I applied it, I found it added some pizzazz into my life! I've used many Natio products before, though never a nail polish so I was interested to see what it was like. The only thing was that it was a bit watery, but other than that it was smooth, pigmented, and just generally a nice colour.

Like one of the products above, I've never actually heard of this product brand before, so when I tried it on, I was curious to see what it was like.

I really liked it. I found it perfect underneath make-up, as well as perfect on its own to give one a bit of a dewy and glowing look, which I really liked about it. It wasn't thick, nor heavy. It didn't have any SPF (of which I could see), which would have been a downside for me as I tend to burn quickly in the sun, however, the product was generally really nice. 

So that's it! Sorry if it sounded a bit negative today, for some reason, I'm just not motivated at the moment. I've been in Melbourne again for the week so I'm still in the "holiday" zone.

Have a nice week everybody!

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