Monday, 1 October 2012

Flying Home & Trainee Waiters

Time for the lovely holiday to end. It's been such a wonderful time here in Melbourne and I just don't want it to end, but eventually it has to and I'll be on the plane back home to resume my regular life.

I don't know when I last posted, I think it was a couple of days ago, but a lot has happened in the past few days of which I'd been absent. I'll start at today. By the way, this post is going to be a little blog of my life right now (completely un-fashion/cosmetics related, but still fun).

So, we went to a restaurant out in the middle of a valley and it was absolutely magnificent because the rain had decided to hold off for a few hours whilst we ate which is definitely a break. As you know, it has rained at least once every day over the week I've been away for which, for me, is quite nice but for my brother, it's complete murder. Anyway, continuing with the story.

Before we went to this restaurant, I actually went to the gym today. I don't know how I gained the motivation, but this morning I woke up and was like...I'm going to the gym! YAY! And I wore my new Lorna Jane Harem pants which was so exciting and I felt like quite the gym-junkie. I also wore my Peter Alexander penguin jumper and the free sweat band that I got from Lorna Jane for free...not quite the fashion statement but I felt very motivated all of a sudden.

I did the elliptical trainer which I am a teeny bit obsessed with. Once I can afford it, I shall buy one and stick it in front of my TV so that I can watch what I want whilst training instead of watching either the news or some five year old's cartoon programme (which I hasten to add, I was watching because I got bored of my music and it's very interesting to see how cartoons and such have evolved over time). I then did some work on the old classic treadmill for a while until I felt myself feeling quite ill of which I then sat down and chilled out for a bit while my brother finished his work on the bikes.

So, that was my morning and then I came back and we went out to this very nice restaurant without a booking and I was so excited because they make the best steak ever there and I don't normally eat red meat but it's actually so nice. We walked into the restaurant without our booking and asked for a table and he was like..."We are full...sorry." and I felt the rejection and the apprehensiveness of the wonderful meat leaving me desolate.

Instead we went to this other restaurant nearby and it was probably the worst service I'd ever had in my life. I ordered gnocchi with potato and pumpkin; the dish that came out was pumpkin with a side dish of gnocchi and no potato at all. So much for that...but it gets worse...A friend of mine also ordered the same dish and never received hers in the end so we went up to the waiter and we were like..."hey, where's our dish?" and he responded with something like, "we're out of gnocchi, sorry,". I think we had a trainee waiting on us because he kept making stupid little mistakes and dropping things. It was not a very pleasant meal, nor service but the location was absolutely magnificent. We were in a chateau...and one would think that being in a chateau, the service would be as lovely as the location, but no.

So that's really how my day went today and tomorrow I have to be up early to sneak in another gym session and then head off back to the airport where I leave and fly back home to my troubling-anxious-divorcing-parents-crazy-ugly-depression life.

Lucy de Rouge

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