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September Monthly Favourites - Fashion Part Two

Hi everybody!

Welcome to part two of my September Monthly Favourites...I don't even know why the "welcome" was necessary haha. Anyway! As some might or might know, I've decided to split up my September Monthly Favourites blog post into three parts because I have so many favourites to share with you and if they were all in one big post, it would be about three or so pages long and it would be tedious and boring. So, instead, I have decided to put it into three different parts and this is part two of my post. I'll put a link below for part one and eventually part three when I get around to writing it up, so let's start!

Dress: I think I would classify myself as a bit of a regular shopper when it comes to Dotti. I don't know if they sell stuff internationally, (which just made a thought pop into my head which I'm extremely excited about! Topshop, ASOS and a few others are opening in Sydney so I'm so excited!!!) Anyway, I went into Dotti, and I can't believe I didn't blog about this because it was probably a very nice shopping spree I went on, and I was looking for a party dress so I asked the assistant and she pulled out this pale green dress with a little petticoat and as I'm writing this, I'm trying to look it up so I can link you to it but I can't find it on the website which is weird because it's a new arrival and I can't find it.

It's green with a kind of lace collar and sleeves and as said before, a silk petticoat that makes it flare quite a bit. When I first saw it, I think I actually said, "This looks like something one of the kids in the Von Trapp family would wear," and the shop assistant kind of looked at me weirdly before insisted I try it on because apparently, it would look nice on me...even though I still think it looks like something out of a Disney cartoon. So, I took her advice and tried it on and it actually looked very nice. It goes to show that first impressions are not always correct and I did end up looking like a combination between the Von Trapp kids, a little English girl from the 40s and Tinkerbell.

So, I stared at it for about ten minutes debating whether or not it would be a good buy as I'd actually intended to buy another sequeny dress that I found on their website and thought would suit the party dress theme that I was attending. I bought it and it cost a lot of money but it was definitely worth it.
The fabric is very easy to wear...I know that's not the best and most appropriate description but its hard to describe. The dress is very elegant and girly, but to spice things up a bit, I ended up wearing the dress with a pair of Doc Martens, would you believe, and I got quite a few compliments at the party.

If I had any little adjustments to it, I would maybe have not made it the pale green that it was because green is not really my preferred colour. I think it would have looked nice in a blue or a pale mauve-ish colour, but not green.

[just quickly adding in, I would have put in a shirt/blouse section but aside from my new school uniform blouse, I haven't actually bought any new shirts over September that I can thoroughly remember]

Pants: As a lot of you know, I bought a pair of Harem pants from Lorna Jane and I actually wrote a review on it four or five days ago so this is just a quick synopsis of the pants. I'll send a link to the review I did on it below.

So, I was walking down at this shopping centre when I was in Melbourne and I saw this women's sports shop and I was quite interested by it so I went inside and saw they were having a SALE! which I was quite excited about. I was browsing casually when one of my friends decided to buy a pair of sports leggings so I went over to her and had a look at some of the pants and found a pair of very nice Harems. I'd never really bought a pair of Harem pants before because I don't really like the style that much, but I tried them on nevertheless and they were absolutely amazing pants. They were very breezy and light so it meant that it would be perfect for my gym exercise in Summer and in Winter as well. I got them for about $50 which for me, was a bit much, but as I say in my review, I don't know the cost per average Harem pair of pants so I don't really know if that's good or bad but in my opinion, they were a bit much.

So, that's part two of my September Monthly Favourites. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for part three where I'm talking about random things like hair and skin care (which probably should have gone into cosmetics but it was too long) and some other bits and bobs that I've bought in the month of September.


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Lorna Jane Harem Pants

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