Saturday, 13 October 2012

Collective Haul!

Miss Shop - Easy on the eye shadow in Smoky Mist

Miss Shop - Eye line and Design

Revlon Brush Set 

Miss Shop - Gloss Over Lip Lacquer in Peach Pearl & Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Coralberry

Revlon - Custom Eyes in Smoky Sexy

The colours from above! :D

Hi everybody!

Sorry for not uploading at all in the past week, I've been a busy bee and I've been feeling a bit poorly lately thus I just couldn't upload much...and I didn't really know what I should write about....but I'm all better now so it's all good!

So, today I'm just going to do a bit of a collective haul of some stuff I've bought over the past few weeks. As you can see, I'm going indie and posting my own pictures up above instead of using the website pictures because I just find it gives it more of a personal touch, don't you think? Now, I know I'm no photography wizard and I probably couldn't tell you the first thing about using a proper camera, so you may have to bear with me as I figure out how to take pictures! I do have a camera, but it's one of those ones with lots of buttons and I don't want to press something because no doubt, I shall break it and then have to pay my father back, so, in the mean time, I will be sufficing with the wee camera on my iPod touch because the camera on my phone is quite crap as well.

Anyhow, I went into Myer yesterday and did a bit of browsing and buying in the cosmetics district, mostly at Revlon because I do like Revlon's stuff and so I thought I'd do a bit of reviewing. I also went back into Topshop and Portmans just to have a little look and I bought some stuff there but I'm probably going to post that on another post because otherwise it may be long...and I seem to be babbling a bit now so let's get to it.

The first little boutique I went to was a little shop called Miss Shop - not very popular or well known, but they have some nice stuff nonetheless. Anyway, I was given a special deal where if I purchased something up to AUD$20, then I could get a little cupcake and my eye makeup done for free so I did! And I loved the eye makeup she did so much that I purchased the palette and liner packet of three she used! None of the four are matte which is okay as the purpose of the colours together is to create a smoky eye effect, hence the name, smoky mist. The eyeliners are electric blue, smoky dark grey and silver which I think is very versatile so that you can use it for different types of effects. I also bought this because I only had black eye liner pencils and thought that for six dollars, a packet of three eye liner pencils in different colours was a good deal. I also bought a lip gloss to make up the 20 smacks, but I shall tell you more about that below.

I then went to Revlon and it was there where I bought a fair bit of stuff, the most iconic thing being a Revlon brush set which I bought for AUD$50. I don't really have a proper brush kit, I really just have the odd angled brush lingering somewhere at the bottom of the make up bag so I thought it would be interesting and profitable to get a brush set now that I'm getting more and more into cosmetics. The set comes with a powder brush, a blush brush, foundation brush, a lip brush, a dual ended liner and blending brush, a "universal" sharpener, and another blending brush. Firstly, this is by no means a product as good as something from MAC or ELF, it is Revlon so I was expecting it to be a little scratchy and synthetic. I haven't tried it out yet because I haven't put on any make up today but I will try it out tomorrow and tell you how it is. I actually am a bit concerned because I just read a review of the product on the internet and the customer said that it was poorly made and had replaced all of the brushes and just kept the handy little bag it comes in, so I'm a little bit anxious and apprehensive about it because it did cost a fair bit of money, now, but I shall see how it goes and let you know soon.

As mentioned above, the third product that I bought with my 20 dollar deal with Miss Shop was a pretty peachy coloured lip gloss. I've been looking for a really pretty, quite girly coloured lip gloss that I can wear now as we are coming into the warmer months. I really like it because it's quite a bright, colour and I think it really goes with the Revlon lipstick I bought afterwards. The lipstick is the PERFECT colour! I wanted a light pretty pink, but still showing colour (so not anything nude coloured), and I've been doing swatches on my hand to find the perfect colour. Unfortunately, the perfect colour was one from Lancome and I unfortunately at the time was running out of cash so I continued searching and I found a practically identical coloured lipstick from Revlon which I was super happy about it. It's a bit of a coral colour, hence the name "coralberry" which I think gives my lips a bit of a pop. It's really nice to apply and glides on very easily. The lipstick is also very pigmented and looks really pretty with the gloss on top of it. I would definitely buy this product again.

The last thing I bought was the Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow and Liner in Smoky Sexy. I know some would say I've practically bought the same colours with both the Miss Shop one and the Revlon one which now I, as I look back on, have to agree with, but I do like the colours. The middle white colour is more matte than the rest, but each do have a tiny bit of shimmer applied to them, completing a very pretty smoky effect.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and remember to follow me on Twitter: lucebelle18 and instagram (same name as Twitter). Again, my fondest apologises for the lack of updating, I will evidentially try harder this week to post more...maybe a tag or the stuff i bought from Topshop or Portmans.


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