Saturday, 6 October 2012

Welcome Topshop!

Hi everybody!

I went to the beach for the first time this Spring the other day! Yay! And it was so lovely; I had a fantastic time with a friend and I did all the things that you do in summer like wear a floppy hat, swimmers, tan.........and now.....I'm sunburnt and it sucks so much and it's so painful.

Anyway, aside from taking painkillers and applying aloe vera and Sorbeline, breaking my favourite bottle of nail polish, foundation and my sunglasses and sitting at home watching bad stuff, I've been somewhere rather exciting for those who live in Australia....

Guess what has arrived in Sydney?? Topshop has arrived and I was lucky enough to be one of the first few to step foot into the shop! Not really, I'm sure loads of people will have gone there before me as I went there on the fourth or so day it's been open.

I went today and I must say, it was absolutely packed with people, I suppose it's because it is brand new to Australia but I went, I got in and it was amazing. I was actually going to do another "what's in my bag" blog post today because I wanted to but then I found the news that I was going to Topshop and decided maybe to say the post for later, which is what I ended up doing, to show you all what I've bought!

The first thing I bought was an "aubergine" oversized top.

Even though some people would say this is quite plain and a bit dull and boring for Spring which is typically a warmer season,  I really do like it.

It is very light, so I think it would make for a perfect little cardigan in Spring (and in Autumn or a warm winter) because it keeps you warm as well as being a bit breathy. I really like how the sleeves are three quarters and the hem on the back is a bit longer than at the front. I think this kind of adds to a bit of interest factor as well as being aesthetically pleasing and pretty. What interests me the most about the top is the fabric. It says on the website that the fabric is 48% viscose and 42% polyester. It's a bit of an odd combination for me as I'd normally wear either a silk or cotton blouse so it's a bit of a different thing for me, yet I do like it. I also like the colour because it's quite interesting and I don't really have anything yet in this purplish colour. You can also really dress it up or dress it down.

I got this for about AUD$40 but on the website it sells for only 18 UK pounds. I'm not sure how this works, I think because the marketers have decided to make it a bit pricey because Topshop is brand new to Australia and they thought, well everyone's going to buy something so let's up the price. I don't know...if I were in charge, I probably would have done that too, to be honest! Haha.

The next thing I bought was, of course, a maxi skirt. I love maxi skirts because they are so versatile and you can really dress them up, dress them down, wear them with a singlet or a baggy shirt, jumper, cardigan, blazer, coat, boots, wedges, heels, and sandals. EVERYTHING!

The one I bought is called Black Fold Over Dip Maxi Skirt and it is called this because the waistline literally folds the black fabric over to create a belt kind of thing. I really like this because it means that I don't have to wear a belt, but it's also a little bit subtle which allows me to jazz it up if I want to.

Like the oversized top above, the back is so much longer compared to the front. The back reaches the floor on me (whether it be because I'm very short, or the skirt is very long...or probably both), whilst the front half of the skirt sits about two inches above my knee. The material is black (again, which means you can practically wear it with anything) and it's very thin and floaty which I find perfect for a warm summer's day at the beach. One of the reasons why this product really did capture my eye was because of the skirt length design. I love how the skirt is different lengths as it makes it more interesting and prettier. I find you would even be able to wear this with leggings of sorts. It's very chic and a little bit indie which I find is quite my style.

In Sydney, the skirt goes for AUD$40, so it's reasonably priced whereas on the website, it sells for 20 UK pounds, so the conversion is roughly the same give or take a few.

Anyway! That's all I bought from Topshop and I'll probably go again next week when the crowds die down a little bit (because today was one of the first few days, and very busy busy busy at that, my time was a bit rushed in the shop), so hopefully next week, I'll get a bit of a look around!

Also! The ASOS opening lunch is next week and guess who got invited!!!??? ME!!! Except......I can't go which I was totally gutted about because I adore ASOS. My bloody school starts tomorrow and the ASOS lunch is on Wednesday and when I found this out, I was so peeved off. EUGH!

Anyway, hope everyone is okay and well,
best wishes,


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