Sunday, 21 October 2012

Toppershopper and Portmans

Portmans - Striped Floral Dress (front)


(Striped yellow hem-line)


Portmans - Pop Colour Crop Blazer ( I promise, it's actually a really pretty cream colour but because I'm using the crappy little camera on my iPod touch, it came up in a really gross Khaki colour. Click the hyper link and you can see the nicer colour on the website!)
Topshop - Lacey top (perfect for beaching!!)

Close up of the lace work

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the slow update again, I've been working like crazy lately because my final exams are coming up in a few weeks so I want to be very prepared for them so I'll know what to do in the exam, and hence this, I have just been away from my little laptop the whole time, so I do apologise and hope for your sincerest forgivenesses. Also, I've been having a few complications with one of my best friends, counselling is going crazy and my anxiety has been playing up a bit recently so I'm now sure how often I can upload, but I'm doing my best!

Last week, I made mention that I went to the city again (as I do often...and it's quite a bad habit I seem to have popped into recently) on the weekend with my mother and I went back into Sydney's brand spanking new Topshop in the QVB to do a bit of browsing and buying, as well as going to my favourite Lush which is also in the QVB and Portmans which I have been eyeing their new range for a while now.

So, let's get started. The first thing to talk about is my lovely Spring dress from Portmans. Oh my gollygoshums! The colours on this dress are absolutely marvellous and I think they are PERFECT for Spring. Immediately when I spied this dress I thought it as an absolute must have. It's bright, it's very spring and very light and it can be dressed up or down. I find that the flowers are very spring time and add for something bright in my grey, dull coloured wardrobe (as we've just come out of a cool winter). The bodice is fitted as well, so it's a highlight for showing off curves and the flared skirt is perfect for something light and Spring-like. The straps are adjustable, so that's good when you have small shoulders like mine and you find that anything from singlet tops to bra straps just slide off, you can just adjust them up and not have to worry and the zip up the back is metal and very elegant, I find. I like the contrast in the colours, but still how they harmonise so perfectly together to make something very vibrant.

I'd advise wearing a nude coloured heel for this, especially if, like me, you would be interested in wearing a cream coloured blazer (see below the dress) on top of it for a bit of pizzazz. I was also going to buy a pair of glitzy be achy sandals to wear with this as my previous pair of sandals have been torn to smithereens thanks to a certain puppy in my house but instead of being an impulse buyer, I chose to wait and see if I could find something else to pair it with, and if I can't then I'll go for the sandals. I haven't exactly worn this dress yet as, because of my study, I've just been in a pair of shorts and a baggy t-shirt but I'm going out to meet some family friends this weekend so I'm definitely going to do it then. I find this dress so pretty and girly and the fabric it's made out of is divine.

The next item I bought, to actually go with the dress, was a fitted blazer also from Portmans. I acknowledge that the picture above is absolute bollocks as the camera on my iPod I used is awful quality as I accidentally left my other camera at my dad's house which isn't very smart of me, having said that, a poor workman blames his tools, and so I have no experience in taking photos so if you read my blog, you will have to bear with me as I attempt to learn the art of photography the hard way. Also, when I took the photo (or attempted to take the photo), it was about nine o'clock at night so I had the lights on in my bedroom and they have a very yellowish beam so it's a bit saturated.

Moving on, the colour of the blazer is not a really gross Khaki colour, but instead, a very pretty cream colour with a nice canary yellow silken lining sleeve. One of the reasons I chose this garment was because of the yellow under sleeve thing. I thought it would really bring out the yellow in the hem of the dress and I tried them on together and I thought they went really well together. It does romanticise  the dress up a little bit and make it seem a little more fancy but I think that it gives it a little bit more of a touch. I don't know why, but whenever I see the dress, I always think of going to a nice little garden tea party with some friends wearing that dress. It reminds me of something that Blair Waldorf might wear...though it may be a little too inexpensive for her!

I went back into Topshop as I find it rather a nice place to hang out on my weekends and yet again, I fell for several items of clothing, one that is snapped up above and another one which I left at my dad's house so I couldn't take a photo of it...but I shall review it nonetheless.

The first one was the lacey top above. I really, really like this top as it's very light and it is see-through completely but that does have it's advantages...that sounds wrong...I wore this top to the beach yesterday as I was staying at a friend's house up north of NSW where the beaches are and it was just perfect! It allowed me to be able to breathe whilst sitting there in the shade reading my brand new copy of J.K. Rowling's new book, The Casual Vacancy which I am loving to death! The top is just so light and easy to just whack on with a singlet or something underneath and it's just generally a great top for summer weather. The only criticism is the lace part of it. I don't like the lace because I wear this necklace and it's got a little snowflake on it and it gets caught on the lace and pulls it up which bugs me to death. Aside that, it's very pretty and goes with practically anything as well as keeping you surprisingly moderate in body temperature. It does not keep you from getting sunburnt!! Unless you want to go home with little sunburnt pale and red patterned skin...I would not advise you to wear this as UV protection!!

The next top I bought was this tie neck sleeveless shirt from Topshop.  It's grey, but a nice grey, sleeveless and a little bit sheer but you can fix that with a black bra or a singlet and also contains a button-down front and a cute little bow at the Peter Pan collar. The shirt is very long so one would be able to wear it as a dress. Personally, I've been wearing this with leggings and flats and I think it looks rather cute as it's not too dressy, but doesn't yell casual and careless meeper. You could also tuck it into a pair of shorts or a skirt, but because I'm small and a tad self conscious of my legs, I wear the top with leggings to give the illusion that I'm a bit taller than 5"3'. The only thing that gets to me a bit is the little bow as it does come undone easily, but thats all water under the bridge really.

Anyway, I'm sorry about the slow update and if the blog post seemed a bit rushed. I've been writing this post for a while but didn't really know how to really word it. Downton Abbey is on outside so I'm going to pop round there to watch it, and until next time,

Au revoir!


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