Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Latest "Blogsessions"

Hi everybody,

Today I have decided to blog a little bit about my latest "Blogsessions" which, if you can't articulate my awful pun and contraction of the words "Blog" and "Obsessions" (not that I blame you...I quite agree), basically just explains several blogs I have been eyeing over the mid month of November.

I also do apologise for my really infrequent posting. I think it's been maybe several weeks since I lasted posted about something, so I do apologise; I've had exams and study, and if you follow my Twitter (@blackbirdblog - I did recently change the name), I did get selected for the job offering at a hairdressers salon so it's hectic and basically it's just been mega crazy.

However, this short little text is basically not going to be about my busy life or my awful ability to script puns and contractions in the "Title" of the post, but about my latest obsessions of some blogs I've recently stumbled upon.

Being a blogger myself, I do enjoy spending an entire day on my laptop, reading through blogs that other bloggers had created and seeing what they have to say about the world, whilst ruining my eyesight by staring at a screen for hours on end.

So, ditching the "blogsessions" pun, my latests "blog obsessions" are:

Wolf & Willow
♥ Tanya Burr (
♥ Skunkboy
♥ A Beautiful Mess
Starting with Number One; Wolf & Willow. I found Wolf and Willow first and I must admit, it just entices the innocent mind just by the gorgeous, delicate opening home page. It is one of the cutest blogs I've ever found. The creator of this blog is Nancy and I believe she is a freelance writer as well as a graphics designer to an Australian magazine. 

I actually don't even know how I found it; probably through Twitter or some other means of social networking. Basically, her blog consists of recipes, templates and easy DIYs for lots of cute little knickknacks like potpourri, eye masks and some cute things. She is also I believe training to be a Health Advisor or something like that and is currently undertaking a sugar free vegan diet which I am itching to try out as soon as my exams are over (generally, exam study consists of study + chocolate + lots of tea). She writes up some fantastic recipes (for her sugar free vegan diet) that I haven't tried yet, but have added to my cute little-big recipe book.

She also blogs fashion and does photography which provides for a rather nice look book consisting of garments that I find quite pretty and girly (the stuff I'm into). She has also posted wallpapers of which I've been very fond of as they are very, very sweet and wrapping papers and such.

Number Two; Bongo Blog or Tanya Burr's website. I've been reading and visiting Tanya Burr's blog for about a year now and it all started when I went through a massive Harry Potter - Hermione Granger's eyebrows thing where I wanted to get Emma Watson's perfectly styled eyebrows (I think...other than that, I'm not even sure), so, like most people, I went onto Youtube, typed it in and Tanya Burr's blog came up and from then, I've basically been visiting her blog a lot. (Bit of a random statement there, isn't it. I'm not sure if it makes sense, but if it doesn't, just play along!) 

I love her blog because she does fantastic and authentic make-up tutorials, as well as having her own vlogging/hauls channel on Youtube as well which I've been watching. Anyway, Tanya basically reviews products (mostly beauty/cosmetics products) and she's very casual but professional at the same time.

I would suggest checking it out if you're interested in the "glamorous" side of life as she does really thorough recommendations of the products that she's been receiving and it's really usefully as it does provide a lot of information. She's  definitely a top the list of favourite bloggers and does lead a very interesting life!

Number Three is Skunkboy.

I came across the blog through the next one I'm going to talk about (A Beautiful Mess) through one of the featured articles on the Beautiful Mess website. Like a lot of the blogs I'm talking about on this, she posts mostly about vintage and retro fashions, as well as owning her own "creatures" merchandise which, in a nut shell, are these cute little animals made out of fabric with buttons for eyes. They are rather adorable and I am considering buying one because they are so cute!

I am in love with her fashion style. Her style changes a fair bit but it is quite girly and cute and I admire her courage to be able to brave enough to wear what she wants without any one else caring about that. I find that very inspiration and I think I should begin to do that as, at the moment, I am still a little bit shy and a bit confused (would one call it confused....?) about the style I want to go for.

She has amazing coloured hair. Just as a little bit of a P.S.
See the picture below for her hair, oh my gosh!

And last, but not least, is A Beautiful Mess. This blog would certainly be among the most visited in the history of my laptop. I think i pretty much visit this blog at least once a day, which, for me, is quite a lot of visiting.

The owners are Elsie and Emma; they co-write posts on the blog together. I love the blog because its just such a nice thing to visit on a Friday afternoon with a tea in hand and the rain pouring on the window sill. It is quite homely (if that is possible).

Elsie and Emma blog about crafts, photography, recipes (which are amazing and really simple and easy to put together), decor, beauty and fashion (which I love). They have so many posts about everything, I can not describe. Most of their stuff is DIY which is great because I love creating and just generally making things.

I could pretty much spend hours on this website as it is just so adorable and amazing.

"A Beautiful Mess" (I do not claim these photos)


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