Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas World!

Hi everybody!

So you'll never guess where I went on Sunday...actually no, the title completely gives it away. I went to Santa's Workshop! A legitimate Christmas World larger than the QVB itself...which, in hindsight, is massive.

Located in one of the outer city suburbs of Sydney and a good 20 minute drive from where I am situated is the full on Santa's Workshop. I cannot even begin to explain how amazingly awesome this warehouse is.

It covers an enormous amount of land and it is basically a huge storage warehouse filled with absolutely everything relating to Christmas; dozens and dozens of trees (traditional, fibre-glass, even trees frosted with fake snow), a whole quartile of the warehouse dedicated to bauble, ribbons and decorations, another quartile entirely devoted to lights (big ones, little ones, coloured ones and clear ones, star shaped ones and traditional shaped ones...basically lights in every dimension and physical shape imaginable), then there are the gigantic blow up Santas to go on one's roof, and the light up deers to put in the lawn on the eve of Christmas, light up reindeer and penguin statues *see below* and apartment sized red and green streamers hanging from the roof *see below too!*...and that is just to name a few of the things I found whilst exploring this metropolis.

Being a complete Christmas junkie like myself, I was absolutely besotted with the idea of a complete district dedicated to everything Christmassy. It was definitely where I belonged, I was in HEAVEN! They even had workers dressed up as elves, and I admit to spending a couple of hundred in that shop.

As I say before, I went full on when it came to purchasing as I really, really want this Christmas to be a memorable and joyful one, as this past year has gone by so fast and I've been fated with a series of unfortunate events, I feel as though Christmas ought to cheer us all up a bit, and there's no point in basking in your own gloom whilst such a magnificent, whimsical period is passing us by.

A quick and brief list of my Christmas haul included: many gold and red Christmas baubles and ribbons (we're doing a very traditional Christmas theme this year and I've decided to base my tree to the one in the picture below on the bottom left hand corner!), a glow up penguin (see above), a pair of golden sparkly twinkie lights (not shown above but I'm pretty sure you've seen gold twinkie lights before), a gorgeous little porcelain Santa statue, a Nativity scene (because they are so cute and essential for Christmas), a Christmas town (see below in the right hand corner fit with gold up fibre glass streams), a gold and scarlet wreath for the old front door), huge Christmas stockings for me, my brother, and the doggie, some candles, wrapping paper, and in the top right hand corner of the picture below, I bought a long tree-like branch with fake leaves covered with fake snow which looks absolutely darling on the fireplace mantel piece. I cannot get over how good it looks. This Christmas World sure knows how to make it special!

I can tell you, I am over the moon with my Christmas World purchases but because the time hasn't exactly arrived for real Christmas trees to sell, we are currently tree-less. I'm hoping that they start selling in the next week or two so we can add our decorations to the tree and add the finishing touches to the Christmas atmosphere of the house.

Overall, it was an extremely successful Christmas shopping spree and my brother, my dad and I came home with arms full of Christmas bags, fake snow was leaking all through my Dad's Merc which he got pretty annoyed at but hey, it's Christmas and the finished look of the fake snow looks extraordinary, not to mention really authentic and realistic aesthetically. 

I hope you've all had a marvellous start to the week. I can tell you that I am exhausted, otherwise, but that's probably just because I came home from a Circuit's gym class. Even though they are so tiring, I do love them!