Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Years Day

Hi everybody!

Hahahahahaha....not going to happen
So, today as you should know is the final day of 2012. It's hard to believe that the year has already gone by and to think that so many events have passed by and yet we are all still standing. I find it important to reflect back on the year we've had so far so today's post is really going to be about some of the most important events that have happened in my life this year.

At the start of the year, I made 10 new years resolutions for myself to hopefully follow. I pinned them up somewhere where I would see it every single day when I woke up and when I went to sleep. I don't have the sheet of paper with me right now, but from memory, the goals consisted of:

1. Start a blog
2. Lose some weight
3. Get higher than 80% in all my grades
4. Start a savings account by the end of the year
5. Be friendly towards everyone I meet
6. Do not fall for stupid celebrities such as a certain one direction member with curly hair
7. Meet Christina Perri
8. Find someone who is interested in my music
9. Laser hair removal
10. Quit eating gluten

Bahaha good luck for next year, Lucy de Rouge

I can safely say that I completed six out of these ten goals. I started a blog and I can say that I am quite pleased by the way that this is going. On my blog, I have reached several milestones, the main ones consisting of:

- reached more than 1,000 views in total on my blog, which for a little person like myself is quite the achievement. One must start somewhere.
- Have international viewers
- Been referred to some PR companies
- Successfully changed my HTML name four different times over the four months I've been running my blog.

This is definitely on my goals list for next year!!!

I can again say that I did lose a tad of weight throughout the course of the year, but being Christmas and all, it is expected for one to put it all back on again. So for that goal, I get a cross. Sad face.

Unfortunately, I did not receive higher than 80% in all my subjects, due to personal reasons and the fact that in one particular sporty subject, I've merely just not handed in my assignments. Heehee. Other than that, I did receive higher than 80% in the subjects, but due to my failing of PDHPE sports, I get another cross on the list.

Good news though! I did start a savings account of two Australian dollars a week, which, for an impulse buyer, is quite a good regime to be on. I also got a job which adds to the savings account boosting the 2 dollars a week to 100 dollars a week, which, for a teenage girl is quite what you want.

I hope I've been friendly towards everybody I meet, but because I have this psychological problem...just kidding, I'm fine, but I do have this first impression prejudice kick which I am trying to get rid of. Hopefully by the new year, I will be a bit less judgemental on people. That, I am open to admit, is one of my flaws. I am prejudice and I know I am, but the important thing is to try and get out of the habit and that is what I'm going to do.

Okay, probably one of the worst goals...not to fall for stupid celebrities who will never even note my existence like a Mr Harry Styles. I failed this one big time...seriously...It's almost impossible to un-like someone so amazingly attractive, though his need to play on girls is certainly a big turn off for me.

Oh dear me.

I met Christina Perri. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life as I've been a fan of hers since day one. Look her up if you don't know who she is.

I found someone who is interested in my music and I'll have more to post on that later in life.

I succeeded on Laser Hair removal.

And...lastly, due to a Gluten Intolerance thing, I have quit eating gluten.

Like I said above, the New Year is an exciting time of the year and while we look forward to the mysteries and webs that the New Year will bring, it is important to reflect on the year of 2012. Goodbye 2012, and hello 2013. I'll speak to you all in the new year and thank you for sticking with my rambles all this time.



  1. Well done on achieving most of your goals in 2012, best of luck for 2013!!

    Janine xx

    1. Haha thanks Janine! You too! Let's hope 2013 is a good year!