Monday, 3 December 2012

10 Tips for Happy Hair

Hi everybody!

Today I just thought I'd do a 10 Tips for Happy Hair post today. I tell you, working for the hairdressers really can add some spruce into the way that one views their hair, so here are some little pointers and knickknack facts I have picked up over the while that I have been employed there.

♥  Tip number one: DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY!!! I cannot stress how many people I've asked who wash their hair at least once a day. This is a big no-no. You see, friend, whilst the idea that having freshly washed hair every day may appeal to some, it's actually very damaging to your hair as it strips all the natural oils down to a button, leaving your hair dry, brittle and most likely prone to split ends.
♥  Tip number two: WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY THREE TO SIX DAYS IN SEPARATION. To follow up with my last point, I would recommend washing your hair with three to six days in between. Though this may seem gross and very unhygienic to some, it makes your hair look nice and smooth, it terminates the likelihood of split-ends and it just generally gives the impression that you've used some super high tech hair conditioner to make your hair look amazing when you haven't. NOTE: The time in between may vary depending on hair type e.g. oiliness, dryness, length, hair-coloured...
♥  Tip number three: AVOID USING DRY SHAMPOOS. Dry shampoos are literally layers of paint on your hair. This is seriously terrible! Most people think that dry shampoos wash and protect the hair without the water, hence the name...NO they don't. It's basically just a layer of crust on top of your hair, clogs up the pores and makes your hair more oily. (Think of a white wall with dirt marks all over it. You can paint the wall red so you can't see the dirt, but it will always still be there.)
♥ Tip number four: ONLY BLOWDRY AND STRAIGHTEN HAIR AT MOST, TWICE A WEEK. It may seem a bit straight forward, but in a nutshell, it makes one's hair very, very dry and brittle, it is the cause for split-ends and it does strip all the oils and natural goodness your hair holds. Leave your hair to dry naturally!!
♥ Tip number five: SHAMPOOING AND CONDITIONING FOR BOUNCY HAIR. Shampoo the roots twice and condition only the ends once. 
♥ Tip number six: NATURAL HAIR DRYING. Wrap hair in a towel and gently squeeze the water out of it instead of rubbing the hair. By rubbing, you are increasing the chances of split ends.
♥ Tip number seven: DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR DARKER. This makes your skin and facial features look more prominent and it can also make one look a tad gothic.
♥ Tip number eight: PONYTAILS. If you have a tendency to wear your hair in a ponytail e.g. school or work, the area where the hair tie has been wrapped around the hair can get damaged and slightly moulded to the shape of the ponytail.  This is very stressing for the hair. Let your hair out for an hour a day just to give it a break. 
♥ Tip number nine: TEXTURE AND STYLE. Cut your hair so that the ends are jagged instead of a flat, straight line approach. This can ensure style and texture without having to blow-dry.
♥ Tip number ten: COLOURING. Only colour your hair every four months, no less. It gives the hair some time to relax without stressing out. 
So, I hope that helped and I hope you took some of that on board. Until next time,


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