Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Christmas!

Hi everybody!

Just thought I'd share a few happy snaps that I took throughout the festive, beautiful and family time of Christmas. I do apologise for my absence in blogging, I've really tried to make Christmas this year a wonderful and pro-family time as some of you know, my year has been a bit all over the place and desolate. So, without further ado, here are some pretty Christmas things that happened over advent.

A beautiful owl my friend gave to me

Can't have Christmas without ginger bread

Our house before it fell apart

Chocolate truffles

Don't know about you, but from where I am from (Leeds) we have
Christmas cake with cheese! Tastes amazing.

For Christmas, Father Christmas gave me a glorious and amazing
electric acoustic guitar with an amplifier and a pick up!!!

I like the contrast of colours

Dining table

Quite a rainy Christmas day for us.

Beautiful dining room with the snowy garland and fireplace

Christmas pudding covered in rum and set to fire

Diary from my brother, chocolate sauce and owl
candle from the Grandparents

iPhone from my mother!!! OMG
Though with gifts and food like this, it is easy to lose sight of what Christmas is really about; giving, family, friends, and the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas, everybody, and a happy new year!


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