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Haul: Typo, Diva, French Connection

Hi everybody!

Disappointingly enough, it is December 28 today which means that Christmas is very officially over *big, long, sad, depressed sigh*. I find Christmas an interesting time of the year as there is such a lead up to the festive season and then all of a sudden, it's all over. Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed Christmas, and I suppose that someday it had to end, didn't it? But, as I say this, with the wind-up of the festive season, comes Boxing Day, and with Boxing Day, comes the week or so that we've been waiting for to arrive; Boxing Day Sales! 

Today, I got my Boxing Day Sales week to a cracking start and though I am a hardcore shoppaholic, I did not stay up in the city until the stroke of midnight waiting for Zara to open their doors for the end of year sales, no sir, but instead, like a civilised young lady, I took off some days later when the fuss died down and the sales continued to fly up to do a bit of post-Christmas shopping. 

The first shop I arrived at was one of my favourites, Typo, owned by Cotton On. I bought several new exercise books for my upcoming school year as I do like to keep everything quite organised in my schooling life. My subjects this year, because I'm only sixteen and still in school, are English (which I got the moustache book for because my uncle, who is quite the broad York man with a moustache as thick as his accent, is English and it reminded me of him), Math, Science (I got the phrenology one because we're studying more of a psychological syllabus this year), French (Eiffel Tower...a tad self explanatory), Geography (The geographical mountainous one), Commerce (It's not really connected...I just thought it was pretty) and History Extension. For me, these books were an absolute margin, originally $7 and reduced to $2 (each). I'd always been a fan of the aesthetic-side and practicality of the Typo writing books, but last year, I bought my writing books in the new year when all the new stock had arrived in town, so naturally, they cost more so this year I decided to be shop-smart and went to buy all my books when the sales were on. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the amount of space in the books. They are quite narrow and although they don't state how many pages, I'm apprehensive about just how long they might last.

The next thing I got was an Apple Mac Air spotted case. Now, I didn't already have a case for my laptop and it was starting to get a bit worn and torn by my handling and transporting from Dad's to Mum's every week so I felt like a case was essential otherwise the ol' laptop wouldn't be lasting very long. Another little thing that made me more leaned towards buying the case was it's raging price from 20 or something dollars to a mere 5 dollars. This, for me, was just a no brainer kind of thing. I needed a good quality case, and Typo was selling one for five dollars was just a deal.

(Just quickly, I am aware that at the rate I'm typing, this may be a little bit of a long post so I'm going to cut everything down and probably not review it in the deepest of heart as I normally would, as I'm conscious of the fact that it may get pretty boring and the slightest repetitive so i'm going to try and make it quite quick!)

I got a 2 Litre water bottle for five dollars. I thought this water bottle was simply gorgeous when I first laid eyes on it, and believe it or not, I didn't already have a water bottle for going out and school as I would just be more leaned to buying an Australian Lucozade type thing or a Pump or even just using the school bubbler fountain, so I decided to go eco-friendly and buy a bottle for five which again, b-a-r-g-i-n!

Last year, something happened and my pencil case somewhat got a slit in it, probably from a lousy pair of scissors so I got a new one (again with the Eiffel Tower) for a bit more than what I was hoping, $10, and with it, bought the pencil case needs; highlighters, pens, pencils and a violet coloured marker for relatively cheap too.

All right! Next shop, French Connection. I'll have you know that this is the first thing I've ever bought from French Connection, and as I sit here wearing my pastel pink Jeggings, I couldn't be happier. When the pastel trend came about, I was going pretty crazy over a pair of pink jeans though because it was brand new, I've been holding my horses for a good quality pair of which were cheap, practical and though aesthetically nice, too. We popped into FC and they caught my eye and I flew over to them to check it out - $100 down to $50; 50% off on a pair of good quality jeggings seemed like a pretty good deal to me so I tried it out, fit like a glove and bought it and I tell you, I'm very excited to show them off to the world. 

I popped into Diva quickly afterwards and bought a few things; four rings, three diamante silver and one gorgeous little skull ring which I thought was very snazzy and quite the statement. I've never really been a big ring wearer but I have seen some of the major bloggers posting about rings so I thought I'd check it out and see what was what and though slightly expensive, I bought them. Because they are diamante, one can pretty much wear them and fit them with everything, and skulls are quite the "in" trend at the moment. My mother thought they were funny!

Anyway, there's my very short post about what I bought, I tell you, cutting it all down was quite hard as I do tend to babble on a fair bit, but yes. Enjoy your new year's eve, enjoy the boxing day sales, and a merry 2013 to you! 

P.s. I did change my name from Littleblackbirdblog to Luceindia because I felt that the former was a bit of a mouthful to say and Luceindia just kind of rolls off the tongue a bit better!

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