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Lush Christmas Prepping!

Hi everybody!

Well, I think it is very safe to declare that the festive season has graced it's presence upon us all and thus, it is now officially acceptable for us to blow all our hard earned money from work on little (or big), inexpensive (or expensive...more like) gifts for the ones we love.

The other day, I went into the city (as one does when buying suitable gifts) and begun the massive shopping haul/spree that, at the time, I didn't know would end up taking up my whole Friday and Saturday and would end up blowing my budget through the roof.

A rather awkward photo of me
with a rather awkward
The first store I went to was...can you guess? TOPSHOP! But, unfortunately, this time I did not treat myself with something but merely just looked around for something that I may well would like in the near future. My friend and I then poddled off to Lush, which though it does sound awful when I say it out loud, I spend at least one hundred on little treats. What I didn't realise before I walked into the store was that Lush had opened up their Christmas range...this wasn't good for me. I bought a hell of a lot!

The first thing that caught my eye was the Captain Bubblebeard Bubble Bar.

As 'staches are all in the rage right now, and because I keep up to date with some of this peculiar, yet awesome trends, I was totally besotted with these little moustache bars.

I haven't used it yet, but from the reviews I've read it says that one is to swishle the moustache in nice warm bath water and voila, you have created yourself a bubble bath. My understanding also states that the bubble bath wand is actually reusable which is probably one of the main things that drew me to the product in the first place. Unlike some, I find that the one use only products at Lush a bit irritating because they are quite expensive in Australia and unless you take a very long, worthy bath, they can be a bit misused.
Hopefully when Christmas draws around and I use it for the first time, it will be fantastic!

The next items I bought together were shampoos and conditioners. I've heard good things about these two. Shampoo-wise, I bought Rehab which is supposed to be good for strengthening and restoring "abused" hair. I felt that I needed something that had a use like this as I do have a tendency of blowdrying and straightening my hair a lot so it's not an explosive mess the next morning, so a product that restored the hair was necessary for me. It smells rather nice too like olives and the like.

American Cream was another product that enticed me. Like Rehab, I bought the conditioner in the 250g bottle in the hopes that I would get a fair bit of use out of it. It smells like summer; honey, citrus, with a dash of vanilla. I must say that I am looking forward to using this product as it strengthens hair. Like I said above, because I use heat on my hair a fair bit, you can imagine that it does tend to get a bit brittle if I don't use a treatment on it. It's not completely brittle, but I suppose every blow-dry and straighten doesn't do any good. I'm not that bad, I know a lot of people straighten their hair everyday and it's awful.

I then went off to another special Christmas product, the Snow Fairy. Oh my gosh, this is probably my favourite product. I've purchased this before, and I've loved it. The smell is amazing...I cannot even stress how wonderful it is. It's quite fruity and sweet and it is bright pink, which, begin a pinkaholic, is right up my alley. It also has little sparkles in it, which is quite cute.

I love this shower gel. I bought it a few years back, and from memory it lathers really well and leaves your body feeling like it's had magic sprinkled on it from the Snow Fairy. I would recommend this product times ten because of it's amazingness, and it's smell.

Much like the Snow Fairy, I bought the Magic Wand, which is basically a pink bubble bar (like the moustache) in the shape of a star, on a stick. It's really similar to the moustache, just swirl it around and you have gorgeous pink bubbles. It's also reusable which is really great value, and it smells as wonderful as the Snow Fairy; fruit, sweets, fairy, vanilla, cotton candy...I am very much looking forward to using it and for me, it is a big shame that I have to wrap it up and not open it until Chrismas morning! :(

I then was driven into buying something else by an assistant who explained one of the Christmas special bath bombs they have.

Mind you, I did take a picture of this one to post but because it is a bath bomb, and it does kind of make a bit of a mess everywhere, I chose not to take it out of the package, and therefore, the photo is pretty crappy so this one on the side is just off of the internet.

I haven't used this bath bomb just yet because I do want to wait for the right moment as it is a one use only bath bomb. It's called Golden Wonder can only dream of what this means.

The assistant told me to drop it into the bath, and basically, the water changes colours from golden to blue (which was pretty much enough for me to buy it)....but wait, there's more...once the present has dissolved, apparently, little golden stars shoot out of it as well and the water turns sparkly from the bath bomb, making it look magical. It smells like citrusiness which recently, I've become a little fond of so I am very much looking forward to using this product and I'll tell you how it goes!

The last product I bought at Lush was a strange one. At the time, I was a bit sceptical about buying the product or not. The lady said that it was amazing, but the smell definitely put me very off of it. It is a freshly made face mask called Cosmetic Warrior and believe it or not, the main ingredient is garlic. Weird, right? I was very prejudice towards the product because I am not fond of garlic. In my opinion, they are gross and make you smell for hours and hours afterwards and I've never really like garlic bread either, so finding out that Lush had gone to the extreme to create a product, a face mask made from garlic grossed me out. But having said that, the lady, and my friend persuaded me to give it a whirl and come back and tell them what I thought, so I did that. I bought it, for a reasonable discount and last night, I tried it. Aside from the gosh-awful stench, this product was, true to the assistant's words, freaking amazing.

I put it on, a little grossed by the glug and thought of putting yuck smelling stuff on my visage, but as soon as I took it off, and got used to the scent, my skin was about a hundred times softer, healthy and more amazing that it was before. This morning when I woke up, the odd spot on my chin and the dry skin around my nose that been completely wiped and combated buy the Cosmetic Warrior of the face mask. It left my skin amazingly soft and beautiful and, aside being a bit weird, I've had people complimenting me on how clear my skin looks. It had worked wonders and though the smell is still gross, I will definitely buy this product again.

Well, fellow bloggers, I did buy some other stuff but I think I might mention that in another post as this one is quite long and I certainly don't want to put you off by boring you with my product rambling so we'll call it a day and I'll see you next time! Only 15 Days until the jolly ol' man with the beard comes to town!

Merry Christmas,

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