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Style Icon: Emma Watson

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So, I didn't really have anything planned to write about for a few weeks as I though well because Christmas is coming up, I'll do a massive haul of everything I got then and then that would take up several posts as well. A while ago, I did a style icon post about Kelly Smythe, the leading fashion designer (if you haven't seen that, click here), and so today I thought I would do another one, this time about Emma Watson.

(just for the record, I think she looks gorgeous no matter how short/long her hair is!)

Emma Watson is gradually becoming one of the world's most iconic and most loved actresses, not to mention her English/French background and aside all her amazing works with Harry Potter and The Perks. She's also been involved in several fashion campaigns and has worked as a model for Burberry, Lancome, Chanel, etc. I actually remember the moment when I began to absolutely love the style of fashion that Emma flaunted (this was after I fell in love with her Hermione Granger persona in Harry Potter); I couldn't have been older than about ten or so and I was walking down one of the High Streets of Sydney when I saw her 2009 Autumn Campaign for Burberry.

Autumn Burberry Campaign 2009

Autumn Burberry Campaign 2009

Even though thee campaign and shoot was done several years ago, still to this day I absolutely love the typical London rainy day weather with the beige trench coats and also adding in that iconic Burberry pattern. I remember, not long after I saw the campaign did my father take me to Europe for a month or two and whilst in Belgium, he bought one of the Burberry navy coats (he did look a tad like Paddington Bear, though it was navy blue and ahem, high quality. Hee Hee), and that was probably one of the greatest moments of my life (guess it brings out the superficiality in one!); we (meaning dad) owned a Burberry coat that one of Emma Watson's attractive male models styled.

Quite recently, Emma Watson modelled as the face of Lancome, which, in my opinion, she styled amazingly. I think that having the choice of a fresh, young and popular actress to be the face of something so high-classed, and declaring more of a target market for 20's-40's kind of brought it down a little bit and made the spectrum a bit wider, for me, at least. I know that whenever my mother brought me into the city and we'd go into the Myer district and to the cosmetics area, I would always go over to Lancome and have a whiff of the perfume that one of my style icons tried out. I think she has a lot of influence over people, and in the example above, a brand that was slowly decreasing in popularity (like Burberry was several years ago) kind of needed a fresh new kick to bring up the status a little bit, opening up the target and putting an influence on a younger audience who know her for her acting works.

I think she looks gorgeous here. I love the dress; I think it's
a wonderful combination of
elegance, yet modern
I find that the Tresor Midnight Rose (the perfume she modelled for at Lancome) is a really youthful, fresh, elegant, yet quite floral scent. For me, this was an interesting combination because I find that florals are more targeted towards an older audience, but being just a teenager, I found the scent quite elegant, yet as I say, youthful and easy to wear if you are a younger person. I don't know if that's just me, as I do sway towards more high-end perfume brands to try when I go into the cosmetics section at Myer or David Jones instead of all the celebrity and Juicy Couture stuff, and in contrast to that, I do tend to stay away from florals as well, but the curious thing was I really did like the Lancome perfume.

Loving the hat that she wears in the commercial
for the perfume. Again, like her outfit above,
her modern infusion of elegance and class
meets chic and modernism ties & contrasts
wonderfully. The hat also
reminds me a bit
of Chanel!

Furthermore, I don't know if I'm just repeating myself or what, but I thought that the perfume was supposed to be aimed at almost a younger 15-30 year old audience, and by having Emma Watson's face on the marketing campaign would have made that younger audience more swayed to buy the product, like my little scenario above!

Elegant, yet modern, youth aged bottle! Love the purple, too!

Last, but not least, So it's been rumoured that Emma is to replace our much loved fellow Brit, Keira Knightly as the face of Chanel's prestigious Coco Mademoiselle. To be honest, though I do like and admire Keira's wonderful ability to act so well in Love Actually and several others, for me, she's never really done it in the modelling world, I don't know if it's her scarily thin body or what not, but I've just never really liked her as a model, so for me, having a fresh, young new face modelling on one of the world's haute couture brands was a new age.

Though Keira Knightly's contract hasn't run out yet and still in action, thus making Emma not able to model just yet, rumour has it that Emma has signed a 3 million pound contract for two years with Chanel. I think that Watson styles Chanel so elegantly and, like the above, opens up that target market for a younger audience, such as my self.

We'll see what is in store for Emma's next iconic and elegant life!


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