Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Haul: Peter Alexander, Natio (Myer), Lush, Topshop, Betsey Johnson

Happy New Year everybody!

I can't believe I haven't posted on this blog since last year (hee hee hee). I hope your New Year's Eve was wonderful; I can safely say that without offending anybody, the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge are truly magical and the effort that goes into it just makes the world spin around. This year, I was lucky enough to spend the evening with my best friend and two other guy friends, and even luckier to snag a spot at the best Harbour Bridge viewing fireworks show in all of Sydney, right on the bay smack-bang in front of the bridge and Opera House themselves. The fireworks over the Sydney Harbour get more and more magical as the years go by, and I can honestly say that this year was just...splendiferous!

To kick start the year, I thought I'd do a blog about some of the clothes I've been hauling up over the past few weeks so I could do a bit of a collective haul, as you all seem to enjoy a bit of clothes shopping.
I actually went to several stores this time; Peter Alexander (which is an Australian Pyjama branch), Myer, Lush (naturally), Topshop (yes, again hehe), and a new recently discovered shop named Betsey Johnson of which I've actually never heard of before.

Little bow on the top of the Pyjamas

Starting with Peter...well, I am a member of the shop and being so has it's advantages as I am able to know first thing when a sale or new line hits the stores, so that morning I was checking my emails to find that they were having a fifty per cent off sale, so at this point, I'm kind of dying to go (as peter makes gorgeous PJs, but also they are quite on the expensive side so having a sale is really good)...Not a few days afterwards did I get another email saying another 20% had been taken off already 
reduced stock items. I went into the shop and did some browsing and I came across a rather cute pair of pyjamas with little Bambi. Call me a little bit childish, but I've always had a soft spot for Bambi and other Disney characters so I went for it. With 70% off and also a PA gift card for Christmas, I practically got these for free -- which I was very chuffed at!

PJ top

A very cute image!
I actually serious very much like these. I did at first go for these from the aesthetics, but afterwards I kind of decided to go for it due to it's more practical side referring to the summer. Because I'm living in Sydney (and here it does get quite hot in the summer), I needed a short pair of Summery pyjamas that I could just easily wear around the house. Though I did get it a size too big, it means I'll be a bit loose, yet comfortable. 

PJ shorts

A few days ago, I ran out of my Natio Daily Moisturiser (I really hate the word moisturiser :P), which if you click here, you'll be flown away to my September Monthly Favourites Part 3 post where I did a full on thorough review of it there. Anyway, I was in Myer, searching for the same product when I came across a deal pack. I could get the Moisturiser for about $16, but I could get a four pack of them for $24, so for me, this was a bit of a better deal. In the package came a Cleanser Exfoliator, the Moisturiser, a Primer and an Eye Brightener . You can buy each separately, as well as in online packs which could be quite handy for Birthday or Christmas gifts. I absolutely love the Natio Ageless collection. Though I am only a teenager and technically speaking I don't need to use ageless creams, I love the flawless effect that it has on the skin. For several months, I've been using the moisturiser, and I've found it amazing on the skin. It's proves as a fantastic cream from everyday wear, and also consists of 30+SPF, it is not greasy, it is very natural and organic, and it leaves my skin soft and gives it a soft and healthy glow. I highly recommend the product, and I am thoroughly looking forward to using the other three.

Lush Christmas Products
Unfortunately, I can't really do much of a talk about the Lush products as I haven't used them yet but when I do, I will let you know! Until then...I went into Topshop (I think I've become a bit of a Topshoppaholic) and as they were having a 50% off sale, it was just a tad bit hard not to venture into the shop and explore. It was there where I came across two fabulous pairs of leggings; one cotton and one more disco pantish.

Interesting Disco Pants
I know it's very mainstream and "in" again from the 80's, but I have really been begging to come across a cheap and cute pair of disco-pant/leggings for a while now, and whilst in Topshop, I saw these beauties and found them quite interesting. When I picked them up, they were a purple snake skin patterned and normally I wouldn't dare wear snake skin as I think it's quite flamboyant and a bit "out there" for me, but I saw a fellow blogger advertise a pair herself and I thought they could work and look quite snazzy, so I went for it.

Probably the most interesting thing about these disco pants is the material. It changes colour! As I say before, when I picked them, they were a purpley colour, when I tried them on, they were more burgundy, and then when I took a photo of them in the light, they were almost a greyish colour. I thought it was pretty magical, to be honest! Plus, they were originally $42 and had been reduced to 50% off, so in the end, I bought them for $21.

Greyish coloured snake skin

The next pair I got, (also for 50% off and at $21) were cotton, a lot tighter and had little peace signs on them. I thought they would be quite easy just to wear around the house and would become quite useful during autumn/winter when it gets a bit colder, and, though I hasten to add, I will have probably bought them cheaper now than they will be in several months time.

Here's a close up

The final shop was a new one that I had never heard of called Betsey Johnson. I was actually just in the shoe shop to buy a new pair of cheap black flats as the soles on the previous ones had begun to split apart so...I went a bit bold and brave this time....

 I am honestly so out of my comfort zone buying these. I would never have gone with these on the regular occasion, but because it was the first day of 2013, and on special occasions like these you do special things, I went for them with a bit of a chin up and an excited presence. Let me know what you think?


  1. The pj's are sooo cute! and i love your betsey johnson flats (she does cute jewellery too!)

    1. Hi thanks! haha yeah I'm really looking forward to some of the other stuff she does! Thanks for your commenting! P.s. I followed you on GFC :D