Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Haul: Victoria's Secret, Lorna Jane, Glassons & Dotti

Hi everybody!

Gosh, it's been about two weeks since I last posted which is really, really bad for the readership and everything else, but in all honesty, I have spent these two weeks in New Zealand (without internet!! YAY!) which is quite crazy and it's been wonderfully magical. If you haven't been to New Zealand...I can't's the most magical place I have ever possibly been in my life; from Hobbiton (The actual set where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit was filmed - it's so beautiful, just out of Auckland) to ice-climbing, to Queenstown (jet skiing, relaxing by a picturesque lake, and white water rafting) to star gazing at 2 in the morning, it was all in all amazing.

But, aside from the amazing touristing around New Zealand, I did find myself wandering some shops (mostly in Queenstown), and I did buy some stuff here and there so I thought I'd do a little haul for everybody who is interested!

As you probably know if you have ever travelled internationally, at the airport, there is a shopping area which consists of duty and tax free buys, so naturally, this is just kind of a spider's web for me. Because in Sydney city, we don't have Victoria's Secret, but yet at the airport, we do, I popped into the old lingerie shop and did a bit of snooping, buying some undergarments which I won't post on the website because I think it may be a tad awkward if I do. I also bought a phone case for my iPhone which I got at Christmas (my world is just finally upgrading itself in the technological world hah!).

I actually bought another phone case off a shop on Etsy but it never arrived (which fluffed my feathers a fair bit), so I sent a bit of an obstinate and slightly ill-mannered (ahem*) email to the seller about contracts and all that, and if they don't reply back, I'll be emailing Etsy...(ANYWAY!! Way off topic there!)

I got the case. It stood out to me because I wanted something quite girly, but not too over the top extremely superficial girly. I thought the stripes were quite pleasant, as well as quite minimalist. The other case had an Eiffel tower and some other crazy knickknacks on it. Though expensive, I'm expecting this to be good quality and to last a fair while.

Next was Lorna Jane (which I actually bought several weeks ago in Sydney, so not part of the whole NZ thing but anyhow). I bought this very snazzy backless gym top. If you've seen my New Year's resolutions, of course one of the goals would be to lose that smidge of weight so I thought I'd go hard core and buy a jogging elliptical top to do my intense workouts in.

I love the blue. I think it's such a beautiful and fresh and also quite summery colour. The material is fabulous as it's quite thin, elastic and would be very easy to wash and quick to dry. I love the design on the back as well. The open back gives it that little bit of sexy-happy-to-be-wearing-this kind of feeling.

The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is either my clumsiness to mix the blue with the whites and turn all my whites turquoise (this happened the other week! Eugh...). Because it is such an intense and bright blue colour, I'm a bit nervous about washing it firstly because like I said before, I don't want to colour to drain onto other garments, and secondly, because I think (like jeans), the colour will fade.

I also bought another one, but I don't have it with me at the moment thus, I couldn't get a picture of it, but the second one is a closed back, more loose and baggy bright fluorescent pink. (Just something happy to be working out in!)

I came across this very neat little coloured nail polish from BYS cosmetics. It's almost a gold colour, with flakes of silver; very interesting. I love the nail polishes (I know OPI do some good ones) where it starts off one colour and then changes according to the light; so, in the dark, the polish is a very silvery colour, but then in a brighter atmosphere, it's almost gold. It's very cool indeed.

Whilst in Queenstown, I visited Glassons and got a snazzy pair of socks there. I love frills. There's something about the frills that just make me very happy and almost classy I suppose haha. The only thing about the socks is the colour. It's a burgundy colour and the frill is black so I'm actually not too sure what I can piece this with, but we'll see how it goes. I got these for about five dollars (something like that).

Also at Glassons, I found this very pretty, mauve coloured collar shirt. As you know, I'm quite fond of my collared shirts, and the detail around the bodice and the neck was very pretty - it almost has a feel for a soft and cute country style (which is very me, indeed!). I reminds me a bit of my grandparents' house!

This was a bargain for about 7 dollars. It does crease fairly easy (as it's silk) so that just means a bit of extra tender loving care towards it, but I'm cool with that! It's fairly long so I suppose one could wear it tucked into a skirt or pulled out over leggings. I actually wore it with the following pair of blue leggings and they looked quite pretty and summery!

Walking around Queenstown and peaking through the tourist souvenir shops, I came across a pair of socks. If you don't know NZ, then you wouldn't know that New Zealand is sheep-land! It is filled with thousands and thousands of sheep so these socks were a bit of a must have take home momento!

(P.s. going to speed this little rant up a bit because I fear I'm dragging on!)

We popped into a bit more of a department Myer kind of store and I got this candle. It smells like heaaaaven! It's a very Christmassy candle with cinnamon and roses and other homely scents that I quite like and it's in the shape of a very pretty rose with little golden glittery sparkles throughout the wax.

Lastly, we went into Dotti and immediately, my eye caught the leggings for 10 dollars. Because I'm a legging freak, (if you haven't realised that, then I'm doing something good), a pair of bright blue floral leggings made me very happy indeed. The colours are so bright, and it surprisingly works very well with the mauvey top above.

Pretty much, my only "con" would be that when I tried them on back at the apartment, the seams seem (heehee) to be splitting. I have no idea why they would be though, because the leggings are too big for me anyway so it's not as if my legs are bursting the edges of the leggings. They don't hug my skin so that I don't have any breathing space at all, so it tis a bit odd. Maybe it's just the quality? If so, I am a bit disappointed, especially coming from Dotti as I am a "regular" at that shop and in the past, I've been rather pleased with the quality of my garments

Anyway, I hope this is all okay for you and I hope you like what I've bought! I don't know when the next post will be (tis all a bit higgletipigglety as I've been in NZ and now I'm going away with some friends for the weekend), but tomorrow morning (Sydney time), I'll try to fit in maybe a 1930's fashion post to follow on with my 1920's one I did a few weeks back.

Hope your holidays are going well! School starts next Tuesday for me (EW!)


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