Monday, 15 April 2013

Update and Haul: Bettina Liano, Bobbi Brown, Thomas Sabo, Topshop and Maybelline

Hello everybody!

Oh my gosh, yes, it has really been a month since I last did a proper post! If you've been following me on Twitter (@luceindia), you may be aware that I've had exams over the past four weeks making it very difficult to get some  blogging in - as much as I love to blog, I still feel the need to study excessively  though this has paid off in the end which is great news! I've also been recording some stuff that I've done which is exciting and I've been thinking of open a channel to post all of my stuff on it which is also a very stirring process. 

On another note, I hadn't been shopping (prior yesterday) for almost two months which is quite an achievement (cue round of applause here) but unfortunately, I did break this streak yesterday and did quite a large amount of spending which was nice after a long month of study and work.

Back to topic, here's what I bought!

By the end of this long streak, I managed to plough through a tube of The Falsies mascara by Maybelline so I topped up on it. I've previously used this one (Volume Express) which I quite liked because it curls your lashes as you apply it, and as the name states, it does make it volume-ous. I know this is weird, but the only thing I don't particularly fancy about this mascara is the bottle. This is so weird, and you'll probably be all "Oh my gosh, Lucy, you're such a freak" but the bottle really irritates me as its not a full tube, its got this little blue thing that separates the top of the lid to the bottle. Click here if you don't know what the hell I'm on about. 

I've used Bobbi Brown a little bit in the past, and recently I've been reading her Pretty Powerful book and I'm quite enjoying it so I thought I'd try out an eyeshadow. It's metallic Black Charcoal because, at the time, I thought plain black would be a bit boring to use compared to the sparkly one which I thought would spruce up my eyes a bit. 

I've always been trying out using eyeshadows as an eyeliner, which you can do. You basically just wet the end of a thin brush and use the eyeshadow like you would as a gel eyeliner, but for this eyeshadow, this did not work as it was too light-a  grey colour, in which case, I've been rethinking my idea about the black vs. grey. 

Overall, this does work as a really good eyeshadow, especially for achieving a smokey eyed look, but I wouldn't use it as a liquid eyeliner as its too light and not as defined. 

A gorgeous pair of Thomas Sabo diamond earrings that someone special gave to me as a treat for doing so well in a few past tests. I just thought i'd share them with you as they are (believe it or not) my first pair of real diamonds and I thought that they were very pretty, girly and just generally beautiful.

A gel eyeliner by Maybelline in Charcoal Charbon which I didn't end up liking in the end as it was a bit messy and fiddly to use in the end, though maybe as we spend more time together, I may end up liking it. You never know :)

I also got another mascara from L'Oreal which I love so much. It's so amazing and consistent, and what I love about it is that it separates the eyelashes and then works to darken and thicken them. Some mascaras I've used join them all together and make them look a bit spidery and that's what I've been aiming to avoid. 

In Australia, summer is completely and officially over and we're heading back into winter season (not that it gets cold haha), so instead of going for a cheap and thin pair of leggings like some I've mentioned in previous hauls, I went for a pair of really really good quality ones in the hopes that they will last a lot longer, and won't depreciate. These are from Bettina Liano.

Another reason I went for these is because they're a bit thicker and tighter, they have a nice knack for making one's bum and legs look toned!

If you are a Topshoppaholic like a little munchkin over here, you may have seen a few of these Geek, Dork, Nerd etc. shirts hanging about the shop. In Sydney, Topshop is having a massive 50-70% sale going on at the moment which, well, I just couldn't miss. I got this for about 10 dollars, which is pretty good as it was originally 30 or something. 

It's probably not the most elegant Kate-Middleton-like garment in the world; it's really baggy and just generally great for hanging about the house in and watching movies and eating crap in. Plus, it defines who I am, don't you think?

For almost two years, I've been wanting to invest into a nice jacket for a long time, whether it be leather or something else, as I don't have one, and as I was looking for a pair of leggings (the ones above), I spotted a whole section of Myer filled with jackets and winter wear so naturally, I waddled over and had a look. 

This leather jacket, like the leggings, is from Bettina Liano. The jacket is shorter at the back than the front, and it zips up to define those with larger busts and small tummies, as well as demolishing signs of larger shoulders. I absolutely love this as it's the perfect fit, as well as perfect leather fabric so that it's warm enough to wear over a t-shirt in autumn and still be warm, as well as holding the capacity to be layered really well e.g. a scarf. As weird as this sounds, I was able to pair the jacket with the leggings above and yet, it still looked elegant, but also a tad more mature, and a wee bit Catwoman-ish. If I ever become Catwoman, this is what I'll wear. :D

Just as a little last minute, (perhaps impulse) buy, I spotted these mitten-gloves from Sportsgirl. They said they were cats, but to me, they look more mouse-ish than kitten-ish. Whatever. They're still adorably cute and they weren't too expensive so hey, why not? If you can't have a little splash of cute in life, what can you have?

Hope this post wasn't too detailed and I do apologise for my lack in post again! I will hopefully find a bit of time to post during the rest of the week, and maybe next week (though I have an internship next week so I'm not sure how that will go) so we may be walking blind through the dark a bit, but you know, lets see how it goes!


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