Monday, 29 April 2013

Haul: Victoria's Secret and MOR

Hello everybody!

What does one do when they're at Sydney airport? Go to Victoria's Secret. Yes, that is what I did because stupid Sydney, the snail of the Victoria's Secret trend only has one Victoria's Secret in Sydney at its at the freaking airport! (Just as a side-note, they don't even sell bras which sucks so much)

For the past few weeks, I've been seriously eyeing some fabulous VS hand-creams and body sprays, and they just happened to have exactly what I wanted so I had a bit of a BINGO moment and bought it because it's fabulous!

As well as popping into VS (Which is reviewed a bit later on in the post), I went through Myer in the city a few days after and saw a packet of these three hand-creams for a very snazzy deal and I just couldn't bypass it. I absolutely love MOR, they have some gorgeously smelling hand-creams, I cannot even tell you how amazing they smell. I bought this packet of three (Marshmallow, Belladonna and Lychee Flower). My favourite has to be either Belladonna or Marshmallow. I'm not particularly a lychee girl, they just seem a tad too sweet for me.

However, the actual hand-creams are superb! They moisturise and leave my hands smelling like dessert and heaven for at least five hours (which for hand-cream is pretty wicked!) The golden packaging is also a dead must-have as its just too cute and classy. 

A product I've been using for yeeeaaarrss is Argan Moroccan Oil. It's possibly the most amazing hair-care product I can recommend, though if you're top-notch on hair products, you probably already have tried and know how fantastic Moroccan Oil is for your hair.

This one is a spray which I definitely prefer to the run-through-your-hair-oil-on-hand-sticky-fingers one, as it means I don't have to get my hands all oily. One would use it as a leave in conditioner thing as it improves strength and shine to one's hair which is all we need really. I love, love, love this so much.

I would recommend it to anyone with medium to dry hair.

Okay dokey, now onto the business of this lovely fragrance mist and lotion. I've had it for like five days and I'm so hooked on it, and so annoyed that VS doesn't have a store in the city where people can pop in on a weekend. 

I bought the Pure Seduction because I love the scent of freesias. While girly and flirty, its still quite elegant and summery which I looove, and living in Australia where 5 weeks away from Summer, we're still having close-to-thirty degree weather, I don't think I'm going to need any wintery scents any time soon haha!

In terms of lotion quality, its not really a moisturiser, it leaves my skin smooth, but even so, it doesn't have a silky texture that I'd hoped it would have. That being said, it leaves a glorious smell on my body for 5-7 hours which is the best!

Hope this post inspired you a tad to go out and try some VS or MOR yourself.
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