Friday, 1 March 2013

What's In My Bag?

Hi everybody!

I have never done a what's in my bag post yet, would you believe, so I thought I would join the club and do a little post here for you!

This is my bag. It's from Oroton and was originally my mother's bag, hence it's several seasons old and a tad dilapidated and falling apart, but regardless, I do love it. I've always had a thing for big chunky bags that hold many random things, I find that they give an impression of sophistication for some reasons, so when my mother so kindly offered to pass her bag onto me, I fell in love with it immediately. 

My purse (or wallet) is from Tony Bianco. It's actually a shoe brand, I believe, and I actually remember that I bought this purse on special for about twenty dollars at the Boxing Day Sales and just never ended up doing a post on it, but here it is.

A lot of the time these days, you see a lot of modern "mainstream" purses with studs and geometrics on them and for me, I feel as though that this will go out of trend as fast as it came in so i decided to buy something a little less extreme and go for a pretty cream leather one with the only glitzy accessory being the brand name and the subtle fold in the leather. I feel that due to its elegance it may stay in a tad longer than geometrics.

This is my rather sexy glasses case. As you can see, it boasts a very funky, hipsterness about it that makes anyone looking at it fall instantly...heehee...I've never been good at sarcasm.

These are my very sexy glasses that live inside my very sexy glasses case. They are from Basque. I dont think Basque is too high-a brand, but I loved the shape and they seem to suit my face shape well (or so my mother says) and I also find the purple lens quite pretty but still following my elegance/minimalist theme that I seem to be following. 

A bottle of melatonin pills for my sleep :) and a know...just a bathbomb and melatonin in my bag...just casually...

This is my make-up bag. It's from Typo and is actually (please dont judge haha) a pencil case. I originally kept my school stationary in here but I swapped it with my Mimco pencil case and now all my emergency/travel stuff is in here. I find this case really convenient (especially if you're an organisational freak like myself) as it has two sections in it which I categories as basically my emergency kit and a smaller make-up kit for when I'm on the go. 

Some little face pad things, a plectrum (you know...when you're a muso, you find these everywhere), Rescue Remedy (a lifesaver), a hair bobble, Chanel Allure, some hair grips, tissues, a plaster,
a pen I stole from work and never gave back, Panadol, hand sanitizer (cannot go ANYWHERE without), and floss, toothpaste and brush for when I'm away from home. 

Make-up compartment

Crabtree and Evelyn cuticle cream (works amazing and smells like Grandma's), Carmex (just a lip moisturiser), Revlon lipstick (my favvvourite), a lip stainer from Max Factor, Smashbox and Miss Shop lipglosses, Mor lip butter, Rimmel Wow mascara (bad but sufficient), Rimmel eyeliner pen (also bad but does its emergency job), and another thing of hand sanitizer :)

This diary is honestly the cutest! My brother got this for me for Christmas as he knows I love to plan things out properly and so he got me this pocket sized diary from Kikki K. I also have this book that my parents bought me in 2009 for Christmas. I carry this book everywhere. It's one of those feel-better books that puts difficult times into perspective. I'd highly recommend this book.

A packet and tin of girly things and a compact mirror from Equip.

What's in your bag?


  1. I love your diary, it's so cute :) Great post, I love reading these ones :)

  2. I love posts like this!! keep it up!!
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